Malala ditches Nikkah, prefers ‘partner’ in life without signing papers

By: News Desk      Published: 12:25 PM, 3 Jun, 2021
Malala ditches Nikkah, prefers ‘partner’ in life without signing papers
Malala goes West.

An inspirational star who has always managed to motivate us, Nobel Prize winner and Human Rights Activist Malala Yousafzai has a VERY modern outlook on marriage and we all know that netizens loathe anything which manages to shock them.

Malala has been featured on the front page of British Vogue Magazine which is a huge honour if you ask us.

As an additional bonus, the magazine also released an interview featuring Malala in which she has given her two cents regarding why she doesn’t prefer to tie the knot.

Yousafzai revealed that she might never get married and she doesn’t understand at all why people tie the knot anyways.

She says it’s something so simple but we make it complex.

If we want a partner in our lives, we don’t have to take part in a ‘Nikkah’, it can just be a ‘partnership’ without having to sign marriage papers.

Malala’s statement is being received with tremendous hate and people have found their new favourite target to shower vile criticism on.

Malala professing her ‘daring’ outlook regarding marriage has managed to cause outrage with the social media users bashing her audacity to indulge in such a fearless declaration.

Pakistani actress Mathira declares that no matter how modern she becomes, she will always urge her children to secure in a matrimonial bond by signing a Nikkah contract.

She further emphasizes on how being married is a blessing: She has been divorced but she still believes in marriage.

Mathira’s statement which she fired at Malala and it stood out for us was: ‘You aint buying a plot’. 

This was in response to Malala declaring her apprehension over signing Nikkah papers.

The ‘bold’ actress Mathira kept stressing on Nikkah being ‘Sunnah’ and the ‘Halaal’ way. 

This is the very first time that actress Mathira is being appreciated by social media users and we find it very ironic.

Bold Mathira taking a stand for something ‘not bold’. Irony on its peak.