Bilawal speaks in support of media, NGOs

By: News Desk      Published: 06:56 PM, 3 Mar, 2020
Bilawal speaks in support of media, NGOs
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PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Tuesday said he had a detailed discussion with the members of the civil society. “It is a pity that this government is exploiting the rights of the civil society.”

Hailing the philanthropic role of the non-government organizations, Bilawal said these NGOs help the poor segments of the society, adding “Even these NGOs are facing difficulties.”

“Despite the fact that the state is empowered by the humanitarian aspect of these NGOs, this government is bent upon showing muscles to these organizations.”

Talking to the newsmen in Lahore, Bilawal said that government has been trying to control the media and the NGOs, adding “This government has been putting barriers for the NGOs and INGOs.”

About PM Imran Khan’s rhetorical politics while he was in the opposition, the PPP Chairman said “Imran Khan said that he would rather commit suicide than to go to the IMF. But we don’t ask Imran to fulfil his commitment as the government has gone to the IMF now.”

PPP leader said that he hardly believes Imran Khan has any interest in eradicating corruption, adding “This government has zero percent interest in Nawaz Sharif’s corruption case. Imran Khan himself had allowed him to go to London. Now they are writing letters for his deportation.”

Bilawal said “The only purpose of the government’s hasty decision on Nawaz Sharif is to prolong Imran Khan’s puppet government.”

When asked about the former president Asif Ali Zardari’s health condition, Bilawal said “Although the government did not provide any relief to his father, he is under treatment in Karachi.”

About his repeated criticism in recent days, Bilawal said “our criticism should be taken as suggestions instead of opposition.”

Bilawal also said that the government should represent its people rather than the IMF, adding “We’re raising our voices against the PTIMF budget which is nothing but a collusion between the government and the IMF.”

“However, for the sake of the larger national interests, we are ready to work with anyone,” PPP Chairman said.