Hamza Ali Abbasi sees massive religious discrimination in Pakistan

By: News Desk      Published: 02:18 PM, 4 Jul, 2020
Hamza Ali Abbasi sees massive religious discrimination in Pakistan

Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has always been vocal about his views, whether it comes to issues in society or human rights.

The actor has often spoken on national and religious topics and this time in Pakistan he talked about religious discrimination.

Taking to Twitter, Abbasi said: “Pakistan is not an empire or a kingdom. We Muslims didn't conquer Pakistan. We are a Muslim majority nation and state,” the Parwaaz Hai Junoon star wrote. "On 14th August 1947, everyone who resided in the boundary of Pakistan became an equal citizen.”

He went on to add, “No more hypocrisy, I admit that there is massive religious discrimination in Pakistan.”

This is not the first time Abbasi has been vocal about the rights of the minorities.

Earlier, the actor asked for forgiveness from everyone he has ever hurt.

Taking to Twitter, he said that he had wanted to do this for a while and was finally using his platform to ask for forgiveness.

“Been wanting to do this for a while so here goes: I want to use this platform whr my voice reaches many to apologise to anyone & everyone who i have ever hurt by my words or actions in my past. Please i beg u to forgive me…. I AM SORRY….Please… FORGIVE ME,” reads his tweet.