Trapped mafia looking towards Army to topple govt: PM Imran

By: News Desk      Published: 01:39 PM, 4 Jun, 2021
Trapped mafia looking towards Army to topple govt: PM Imran
PM Imran Khan delivering his speech.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that corrupt mafia which calls itself a democratic force when it has come under pressure is seeking Army’s intervention to topple the government. But the premier vowed to continue his struggle until the annihilation of these corrupt elements, reported 24NewsHD TC channel.

Prime Minster Khan was addressing a gathering in Islamabad held to launch a programme for the upgradation of Lodhran-Multan Road on Friday.

He said since the corruption of mafia was coming to light, these very elements wanted the Army to remove the government.

The mafia is seeking the Army to dislodge the government in order to save their own skin, the PM said. But the premier vowed to continue his fight to purge the society of this coterie of bad elements. 

He said they kept on eyeing Army’s intervention and repeating to dismantle the government but the government would not give them NRO. “Their criticism would not stop unless they are given NRO,” the PM said vowing to deny them any such indemnity.

Khan said no society would become successful in adopting a good system without putting up a struggle. He said ‘mafia is everywhere and his struggle will continue till their elimination.’ He was of the view that in prosperous countries, there was always rule of law. 

He said ‘new Pakistan’ would not emerge in a jiffy. He said as his government came to power, his critics started raising noise about ‘new Pakistan’. 

‘But new Pakistan can’t emerge by simple pressing a button,’ the premier said adding that it warranted a long struggle. 

He said the present government had constructed three times more roads than its predecessors.  He said during the very first week of his government’s installation, people started asking about new Pakistan. He said media also criticized his government. ‘But now the things have changed. Now the economy is showing sign of resilience and it’s the time to give jobs to the people,’ Pm Khan said.