‘IQ’ can do what others are hesitant to

By: Ashraf Mumtaz      Published: 08:29 PM, 4 Mar, 2020
‘IQ’ can do what others are hesitant to

Every political party has innate ambition to stay in power forever. For this purpose they do whatever, in their assessment, may win the hearts of their voters and motivate them to use their ballots in their favour. While not all the policies of a government are backed by the electorate, some of them may swing the pendulum on the day of election.

The PTI government is being criticized by its opponents as well as public at large because of its failure to come up with some policy measures that could mitigate the economic sufferings of the overburdened people.

The government, on the other hand, argues that the problems being faced by people at present are the outcome of the negative policies of its predecessors.

Such allegations and government’s counterarguments have been seen in all eras in the past and would be seen in the future.

But at the global level three issues can immortalize the ruling PTI if it plays its due role to deal with them. The I.Q duo comprising Prime Minister Imran Khan and Army Chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa, who are said to have an ideal relationship compared to any setup in the past, can get the credit by doing whatever is needed.

The issues are: Liberation of Al-Quds from Israeli occupation, liberation of Kashmir and establishment of a friendly government in neighbouring Afghanistan.

Liberation of Al-Quds is an issue which should be addressed by all Islamic countries. But, unfortunately, because of their domestic problems, economic interests or other expediencies important states, including Saudi Arabia, that should have played the lead role, are not taking the initiative.

And with the passage of time the resolution of the Al-Quds problem is getting more complicated. The recent Peace Plan given by President Trump and rejected by the OIC and Arab League, reflects the US thinking on this subject which is an article of faith for Muslims.

Latest reports emanating from Israel show that Benjamin Netanyahu will stay in power even after the fresh elections.

The US president and the Israeli prime minister have similar thinking on the Al-Quds issue.

It’s time for (IQ) Prime Minister Imran and COAS Qamar to prepare a strategy for the liberation of Al-Quds. They should work out a plan to visit the Islamic countries, move the United Nations and do whatever is necessary to get the decades-old issue resolved.

With Pakistan playing a proactive role on this front, other Islamic countries may decide to follow suit.

Kashmir dispute is another area needing immediate attention.  The killings going on in occupied Kashmir are being observed by the entire world although even important countries are keeping silent for personal interests.  The protests being staged by the Kashmiri people are projecting India as the world’s most oppressor state.

Although India claims to be a secular state, it has little tolerance for the non-Hindu people. Muslims are particularly being targeted by the fascist BJP-RSS goons.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres during his recent visit to Pakistan got the first hand information about the situation in the troubled region. He also called for the solution of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the world body’s resolutions and made a mediation offer that was immediately rejected by India.

The Pakistan government should try to make use of the situation before it’s too late.

It should take the opposition parties along, send bipartisan delegations comprising important leaders to various countries to seek their support for the rights of the besieged Kashmiris.

Parties like PML-N, PPP and JUI-F may seek certain concessions in return for their support on this important issue.

Since various leaders of these parties are facing NAB cases they may demand withdrawal of those cases.

Although Prime Minister Imran Khan is committed to taking all corrupt leaders to task without any exception, taking back corruption cases against them for such a great cause will not be a heavy price. It will not be a bad bargain.

A special parliament session should be convened to discuss a national policy on the Kashmir situation and map out a national plan of action.

This also calls for an effective IQ role.

The decades old Afghanistan problem also needs urgent and constant attention of the Pakistan authorities.

Although the Doha agreement between the US and Taliban is a leap forward, the attitude of the incumbent Afghan government has become an impediment.

In such a situation intra-Afghan dialogue, which is an important component of the agreement, may be a non-starter.

This brings Pakistan under an obligation to do something to take the Doha agreement to its logical conclusion.  It should do whatever it takes to bring the rival forces in the war-torn country to a negotiating table.  Peace in Afghanistan or the establishment of a friendly government in that country will be a great achievement even from defence point of view.

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