Will not allow puppet govt to privatize institutions: Bilawal

By: News Desk      Published: 07:10 PM, 4 Mar, 2020
Will not allow puppet govt to privatize institutions: Bilawal

About the neglected conditions of the workers in the world as well as in Pakistan, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto on Wednesday said that the labourers will have to rally to fend off the attacks from both economic and constitutional levels.

Speaking to the media in Lahore, Bilawal said that it is high time the government bring new labour policies, adding “Now it’s the time that we demand better wages for the labourers.”

The PPP leader said that only a people-friendly government could ensure labour rights. “A handful of the businessmen in the world have been benefiting from the mutual discords of the labourers in the world.”

Pointing out towards one of the gloomiest aspects of capitalism, Bilawal said further “The workers are always made to share the loss of their owners, and are callously left out from the dividends of the profit.”

He said that PPP is the party that has an entirely different approach from that of the other parties, “PPP always gave the labourers their due rights,” adding that now their rights are being taken away.

Due to this, Bilawal said, “There should be a people-friendly government to ensure the workers’ rights.”

Lashing out at the incumbent government’s privatization policies, the PPP Chairman said: “Whenever the selected government comes, it first act is to sell the institutions in which the workers had a large share in making.”

Bilawal said that the selected government will be as unsuccessful in its bid to privatize the institutions as was Gen Musharraf when he was in power. While expressing the hope that the courts would not allow the government’s privatization plans, he said: “We’ll never allow the government to sell these institutions.”

He said that it is a pity that this government had neglected the labour programmes, adding “In this modern age, we’ll have to ensure the job security of the workers. We’ll never allow this puppet government to privatize the institutions.”

About the government’s economic policies, the PPP Chairman said the government should tear apart the document of this PTIMF deal and go back to the IMF for a new one.