Apple Watch Series 7 leaked images show on-screen keyboard and grind view

By: News Desk      Published: 07:33 AM, 4 Oct, 2021
Apple Watch Series 7 leaked images show on-screen keyboard and grind view

Apple Watch Series 7 was announced at Apple’s September event along with the iPhone 13 lineup. While the new iPhones will hit stores this Friday, there’s no word on when the new Apple Watch will be available to customers. Although Apple hasn’t revealed many details about the product, FCC filings have now revealed that Series 7 has a secret 60.5GHz wireless connection for data transfer.

Some leaked images posted on Facebook show the first real-world look at the watch's new design.

While the Apple Watch does not have the oft-rumored flat-edged design that the watch is known for, it does have a larger display than its predecessors, according to 9to5Mac. Apple stated that the bezel now has a minimized size of 40%. It allows 20% more screen space than Series 6 and 50% more screen space than Series 3.

These pictures were posted on a Facebook group for Apple Watch enthusiasts. The person who posted the pictures claimed that they worked for a carrier and were involved in testing the watch. The pictures were taken down from the group, and they were obtained by MacRumors.

The images show the real-world look of the Watch Series 7, but the fans are asked to treat them with some skepticism because there is no way to verify if they are real. Nonetheless, the watch indeed has a larger display, and the keyboard is full size and is on screen.

If the images are legit, it means that the public just got the first look at the Watch Series 7 outside Apple's marketing and promotional team. It was also reported that the Watch Series 7 will be available in October, and the pre-orders will begin on Oct. 8.

Apple promised that the Series 7 would be available in the fall.

Apple Watch Series 7 Specs

The Apple Watch Series 7 was announced at the Apple event back in September, together with the iPhone 13 lineup. While the new phones will be available on Oct. 7, there is no exact date when the watch will be available.

Apple has not released further details about the device. The filings on FCC showed that the Apple Watch Series 7 is equipped with a 60.5GHz wireless connection for faster data transfer.

The FCC documents show that Series 7 features a wireless connection module. It is something that Apple has never added to its product before.

Together with the filings, the 60.5GHz transmitter needs a proprietary Wireless Serial Dock with a module that enables data transmission on the Apple Watch. An illustration with model number A2687 was presented to give some details about the dock, but nothing else was released.

The description says that the dock is based on magnetic alignment so that the watch can be locked in place through the top. The document also stated that the dock is powered by a USB-C port. Since the company has never mentioned the technology and needs an external device to work, it is likely that the 60.5GHz transmitter is exclusively for its internal use.

AppleInsider stated that the connection can transfer data up to 480 Mbps, which is the same as the USB 2.0 speeds. Every Apple Watch model has a service port that is hidden in one of the places for connecting the band.

Apple is testing a new way to transfer the data wirelessly through the 60.5GHz transmitter and the dock, which may be easier to remove than the service port cover. The Apple Watch Series 7 is also rumored to include ECG, fall detection, and other health benefits. –TechTimes