First-ever Cybershoes marketed, takes attention of VR gamers

Published: 11:14 PM, 4 Sep, 2021
First-ever Cybershoes marketed, takes attention of VR gamers
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A high tech product for gamers, cyber shoes are marketed that will allow them to move through virtual reality (VR) games.

Earlier, no gamer was able to walk in his virtual games but now after the newly introduced Cybershoes, he has a step into the virtual world that has stretched the boundaries of our own reality through this gaming gadget.

VR gamers wishes and Cybershoes

Every gamer wanted the experience to feel as real as possible in the VR world but was limited as he couldn’t use feet in the game to feel it real.

So now it becomes possible as the Cybershoes bring the gamer’s feet back into the game and navigate his games according to his feet’s movements rather than the hands.

Advantage of the gadget

Typically when you play games, you follow as one of the game characters. But with these Cybershoes, you can become a character in the game.

After wearing the Cybershoes, the VR gamer has no need of an extra room but a space surrounding the revolving chair or a treadmill to feel in real the virtual reality by yourself.

How to use:

The Cybershoes are the comfort of letting the gamer on the chair in a normal seated position but opens up a more natural way to trek the paths of his favourite games.

The cyber shoes could directly be strapped onto the feet and functioned with the SteamVR, the HTC Vive, the Windows Mixed Reality or the Oculus Rift.

Other uses:

The cyber shoes could also be used for physical rehabilitation programs, training, planning for any industrial facilities, and construction previews.

The company:

The Cybershoes is a product of a company named Cybershoes GmbH to immerse the VR gamers. Initially, the VR shoes were introduced in 2018 but now the technology was improved and a new version of the Cybershoes marketed for better results.

CEO’s creativity:

Michael Bieglmayer, CEO of Cybershoes GmbH said he was an early adopter of VR and a lot of the possibilities it offers.

But, he added that he was so disappointed when realized that he couldn’t take more than a few steps before hitting a ball.

“That’s why, we have developed cyber shoes to give you access to the virtual world as it is unlimited”, Michael said.

Cost of the product:

The Vienna-based creators have released their latest Cybershoes wireless model for US$350 on Amazon which supports Oculus quest, Quest 2, and SteamVR headsets. The whole package cost is around US$455.

Critics’ version:

Sims Smith, a user who commented on the shoe on youtube said, in a flight simulator can these replace Rudder pedals? That will be super.

While the Wookix in a comment box asked the creators that do the cyber shoe could work when wearing socks? On which, he was answered with “Yes”.

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