DC gives cold shoulder to woman AC’s bravery

By: News Desk      Published: 04:03 PM, 5 Feb, 2020
DC gives cold shoulder to woman AC’s bravery

The woman assistant commissioner Dalbandin, Ayesha Zahri, whose raid led to the confiscation of a chemical used in making drugs has accused the Levies police officials of refusing to acknowledge her effort.

The officials declined to process the seized chemical when she took it to them after the operation. However the police authorities have rebutted this claim.

According to BBC, a team of security personnel, led by Ayesha Zahri, had recovered a huge amount of chemical used in the making drugs.

The woman assistant commissioner , who recovered the chemical with the assistance of three Levies officers, thought that she would be commended by high-ups for showing courage in leading the operation, instead she was disheartened by their response.

Talking to BBC, Ayesha Zahri said that she recovered the chemical during her raid in Mokantak, a region near Chaghi’s headquarters, Dalbandin.

According to her, she stood beside the security forces despite the exchange of firing. After the firing, her team confiscated a vehicle bound to Afghanistan with a huge amount of chemical.

The assistant commissioner said the chemical was to be smuggled to Afghanistan to be used in preparation of various kinds of drugs. According to her, the confiscated material is worth billions of rupees.

Ayesha Zahri said she was over the moon while taking the confiscated material to the Levies station. After all, it was her life she had put at stake in order to seize the chemical.

However, she said that the duty officers at the station refused to register the recovered chemical. She said she could not believe what the Levies’ official told her. They said “We’ve Deputy Commissioner’s orders not to take into custody any of the confiscated vehicle or smuggled item.”

However when contacted, DC Chaghi Fateh Khajak rebutted the accusation levelled against him by the woman AC.

He said that the released video of the woman AC clearly depicted that she was sitting at the station, with the confiscated material also lying there.

The Deputy Commissioner said they had received a request from the woman AC at 10am, and the FIR was registered by 11am on his order.

DC Chaghi said that the administration’s job is to work steadily instead of releasing videos. He also said the accusations levelled against him are part of a campaign to distort his image.