Analysts recall memorable enthusiasm of Pakistani nation during September War 

By: News Desk      Published: 11:48 PM, 5 Sep, 2021
Analysts recall memorable enthusiasm of Pakistani nation during September War 

Senior journalists and analysts say that the enthusiasm of the September 1965 war cannot be described in words. They said the new generation could not imagine the enthusiasm through which the Pakistani nation had defeated the enemy in the war. 

During the 24News HD programme—DNA—noted journalists Salim Bokhari, PJ Mir, Iftikhar Ahmed, and Javed Iqbal said that Ayub Khan’s speech had elevated the enthusiasm of the people with his speeches during September 1965 war. 

Iftikhar Ahmed said that Ayub Khan, in this speech, had asked the nation to become an iron curtain against the enemy so it could know whom had it challenged. He said nobody would fear during the 1965 war. He said everyone citizen would think to destroy the enemy in the war, adding that our defense system was so strong that the enemy could not dare to cross the BRB canal. He said the enemy knew that entering into Pakistani soil was mean to meet the death. 

Salim Bokhari said that Pakistani forces’ defense was very strong in September 6 war, adding that on one side the biggest war of tanks was being fought at Chawinda and Chamb Jaurian where the brave sons of the motherland were making the graveyard of enemy’s tanks and on the other hand pilots of Pakistan Air Force like MM Alam were destroying taking the jets of the enemy down. He said the enthusiasm was unforgettable. 

PJ Mir said that the Pakistan army forced the enemy to bite the dust in the September war. He said those, who wanted to sip a cup of tea at Lahore Gymkhana, went to hell with the defeat on their faces. 

Javed Iqbal said that India had faced defeat in 1965 and now once again in 2021, it was facing embarrassment for conspiring against Pakistan. 

Iftikhar Ahmed said that the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan forced the conspirators like India to flee from the country. He said India had set up seven training camps in Afghanistan in Ashraf Ghani’s era. These camps had been used for terrorism in Pakistan, he added. He said astonishingly the TTP was still doing terrorist activities in Quetta even after the complete occupation of the Taliban in Afghanistan. 

Salim Bokhari said that Daesh was active in Afghanistan and could become a danger in the future. He said the US and India were licking the wounds of defeat and they would try to destroy peace in Afghanistan. He said border security and the establishment of a government had been discussed during the visit of ISI DG Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed. 

PJ Mir said that a feminine-like situation could emerge in Afghanistan in near future. He said the international organizations would have to pay attention to this situation. He said Imran Khan had urged the UN secretary-general that the comity of the nations should not leave Afghanistan alone and play their role in the establishment of peace in the country. 

Javed Iqbal said that Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed had pointed out the changes in the region, adding that only the government had not changed in Afghanistan but a lot would change with it. He said a new bloc of China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan was being formed. He said the US was not influential in this region anymore. 

The penal also discussed the speech of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto in South Punjab where he had said that had the ‘friends’ not betrayed, they were in the position to oust the government. 

Salim Bokhari also talked about the reshuffle of bureaucracy in Punjab. He said Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar wanted to work with his own team in order to come up with the expectations of the prime minister.  

Reporter: Nadeem Anjum

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