Actress Hania Aamir tries to soothe ireful fans over bold video

By: News Desk
Published: 12:18 PM, 6 Jun, 2021
Actress Hania Aamir tries to soothe ireful fans over bold video
Caption: A grab from the latest Hania Amir video.
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Pakistani actress Hania Aamir might be going through the toughest phase of her existence as she shares post after post showcasing her struggles against showing the world her true nature and the public standing strongly against what she believes in.

We all know that Janaan star Hania Aamir is one of the ‘bold’ ones who is highly despised by the public however her ‘rebellious’ side doesn’t comply with the standard behaviour and she keeps sharing ‘shock-provoking’ content.

However Hania’s recent post caused an uproar on social media in which she could be seen lying on top of film director Wajahat Rauf’s son Aashir Wajahat.

Now the public had a valid question for the actress. Even though she calls the youngsters of Wajahat’s house her brothers, the public keeps reminding her that they are indeed not her ‘brothers’ in the real sense.

Therefore Hania lying on top of Aashir was unethical and exceedingly wrong in the eyes of social media users and they took the opportunity to bash the actress for her ‘fearless’ portrayal of content.

Hania who was never bothered by the public’s loathe before has now been totally torn over the kind of response she is receiving.

Right after she uploaded the video with Aashir Wajahat, we believe she realized that it was the ‘worst’ decision of her life and then she instantly removed the clip from her Instagram account.

Hania it seems contemplated A LOT on her courageous move and decided to come up with another post.

Hania wrote in the caption that she shares titbits of her life with her fans which is sometimes appreciated and sometimes not.

She believes she is a source of laughter for her fans which she achieves through her content.

Hania gets extremely emotional as she reminds everyone why they started idolizing her in the first place.

Hania wrote, “I share my personal life in little bits and pieces here. Some appreciate. Some think I shouldn’t.

I do it to connect with the people who love me on this platform. I am here spreading laughs and smiles.

Remember me for the girl who touched your heart with a vulnerable meaningful conversation. Remember me for my kindness and love. Remember me as someone who tried enjoying every moment regardless of the challenges in her life.

Don’t worry. This is not an emotional giving up post.

Just saw some people commenting disgusting things. So just wanted to come here and remind my beautiful following to always choose love over hate. And vulnerability over pretence. Love yourself and others around you. Laugh. Live your life.

People hating don’t know any better. Anyone having an issue with you having harmless fun and a harmless laugh shouldn’t be a part of your life. Peace”.

She further emphasises over how hate is not the answer to the complexities of life and she wants her followers to acknowledge that.

We think the adorable actress is just heartbroken and deserves a hug.

However the Pakistani singer Asim Azhar who is also Hania’s ex-boyfriend chose to be unsupportive during her distressed moments and when we will tell you what he posted on his Twitter account, you will be shook!


Followed by a sticker saying “Bal bal bach gaya”.

Wow. That’s insanely cruel Asim.

Maybe the couple ended things on a very bad note? However this is definitely not the way to reciprocate. 

Hania Aamir latest post has managed to make us very upset as the star of the nation can be seen shedding tears in the clip she uploaded over her Instagram and it looks like she feels like giving up.

Here is Hania’s caption for her latest share.

“Just another day surviving in a misogynist world where double standards have power over innocence and where coexisting with difference of opinion is not a thing. Where a man trying to belittle a woman is applauded but if a woman does the same she is hated. Where a woman showing affection to her loved ones is wrong but a man ejaculating on a woman’s picture on video on the internet is retweeted and made viral content.

Just another day surviving. Hope you all are doing well in this disgusting world and keeping your goodness intact. Someone else’s evil shouldn’t ruin your goodness”.