Imran to give long march call after May 20

By: News Desk
Published: 06:49 PM, 6 May, 2022
Imran to give long march call after May 20
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Former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan Friday announced to give a call for the Islamabad march anytime after May 20.

He also vowed to continue "jihad" against the leaders of the incumbent coalition government, who he termed "looters".

Addressing a gathering in his hometown, Mianwali, he lashed out at the United States, saying the "conspiracy" had originated there. "The biggest conspiracy was that Americans joined hands with Mir Jafars and Mir Sadiqs here to oust a government that inherited a bankrupt Pakistan."

Terming the new coalition government's leaders as dacoits, he claimed they had looted money from the country and built palaces in London. "These were the people who had been looting the country for the last 30 years and bankrupted it."

"We do not bow down before any power. We are the ummah of the greatest leader Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). There were two superpowers at the time in Iran and Rome. Did my Prophet try to ask for alms or loans or did he surrender before anyone? He did not."

Imran said it was the nation's choice whether it wanted to take to the skies or become a "boot polisher". The nation's founder, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, would never have served the US like these rulers are doing, he added.

Stressing that Pakistanis were independent people, he said the public did not accept "looters" like PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz and Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz.

"We will not let these thieves be imposed on us. You (the government) lodged an FIR against me, claiming we managed the incident that happened in Madina," he said, referring to pilgrims who had hounded and chanted slogans against PM Shehbaz and his delegation at the Masjid-i-Nabwi last month.

Calling the coalition government's leaders as "liars", he said wherever they want, they would face chants of thieves and traitors.

Khan warned the government and said that three stooges and their handlers will be responsible, if something happens to the PTI’s workers.

The ex-premier said that this is the era of social media, adding that now no one else could control this nation.

He said that the nation is preparing itself, as the party’s just begun, adding that in the history of country’s economy, there never came many dollars, as it came in PTI’s tenure.

Talking over the arrest of Sheikh Rashid Shafique, the former premier said that the fake FIR was registered against Rashid Shafique and was arrested from the airport.

The former premier alleged the thieves have attacked Shahbaz Gill at motorway.

Imran Khan alleged Rana Sanaullah is a hooligan, who is the mastermind behind the Model Town carnage, adding that he killed 18 people.

Imran Khan asked the nation to reach Islamabad to give the government, a message of holding elections and saying no to slavery, adding that PM Shehbaz, who polishes shoes, could stop the nation for staging the power show at Islamabad.

The former premier said that he is not merely calling his workers to Islamabad, but to the entire nation, as it is the concern of the entire Pakistan.

Khan said that those who played their role to bring the thieves in power, think that the nation will be tired.

Imran said that he will extend friendship with everybody, adding that he is not ready to do slavery of anybody else.

The former prime minister said: “US summoned our ambassador and asked him to oust me”, adding that the US said that if Imran Khan will not be removed from the office of Prime Minister, then the country will have to face its consequences.

Imran Khan flayed PM Shehbaz Sharif and said that US had said to forgive Pakistan if the power will handed to ‘boot polisher.

Imran said the election of the government will be made by the masses, not US, adding that the nation will not do the slavery of Asif Ali Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif and his son.

The former premier said PTI will stage protest in peaceful manner, adding that his party never created the situation of anarchy.

Imran said the entire nation including the children and women, will head to Islamabad to tell that they are neither the slaves nor the beggars.

PTI Chairman urged those to stage protest in Mianwali, who will not be able to attend the PTI’s power show at Islamabad for some reasons.

Imran Khan said some people have sold their conscience to make the foreign conspiracy, a success, adding that why didn’t the institutions of justice, took the suo motu action on this matter.

PTI Chairman also said that the courts could be opened on 12 am, adding that why not these looters have been disqualified.

The former premier said that if he kept foreign bank accounts by stealing, than today he also would have been polishing the shoes of US.

Imran Khan said that only the animal could be neutral, not the human being.

The former premier said he challenges the government that wherever its delegation will head, they have to face the slogans of ‘traitors’ and ‘thieves’.

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