Armeena taunts at celebrities ‘advancing careers using religious extremism’ 

By: News Desk      Published: 11:36 AM, 6 Oct, 2021
Armeena taunts at celebrities ‘advancing careers using religious extremism’ 

Pakistani/Canadian actress and model Armeena Rana Khan has emerged on the internet to advocate her stance regarding actors taking the solace of religious extremism to accelerate their career growth.

The actress who is widely admired for her acting skills has now decided to get vocal about a trend which Armeena thinks is being observed these days regulating around celebrities choosing to advance their popularity and growth through the help of religion.

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Armeena stated: “Advancing acting careers using religious extremism seems to be quite the ‘in’ thing these days. Can’t make it without huh?”

Social media users in the comment section are immensely curious regarding the identity of those who Armeena is pointing towards while many have also stated that the actress is definitely talking about former actor Hamza Ali Abbasi and another actor Feroze Khan.

Both of these public figures get quite vocal about religion and its importance whereas previously Feroze Khan announced that he had decided to leave the industry however he didn’t do as he said and resumed his passion for acting.

While explaining his sudden decision in an interview, Feroze said: “There was a time when I thought that what I would do if I would have to follow my passion (acting) or my roots (religion)?

He further mentioned: “I instantly decided to follow my roots but again it all happens as per Allah’s will as we have heard too: “O Son of Adam. You have your desire and I have my desire but My desire shall reign though if you surrender yourself unto My desire then I shall bestow upon you your desire but if you oppose My desire then I shall tire you of your desires and ultimately My desire shall reign.”

Even though Feroze Khan is now taking part in showbiz projects with a passion and ferocity, also having gained even more popularity after starring in Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3, he has kept his devotion with the religion intact and keeps posting uploads on his social media handle which focus on his love for his religion.

Now talking about Armeena’s latest declaration, social media users are not talking the actress’ stance lightly. Many have criticized her on talking about ‘trends’ when she is not herself trendy anymore. Various netizens have also judged her for taunting actors for their devotion towards religion whereas some have taken Armeena’s side and have stated that one’s relationship with God should be kept private, when a person starts to flaunt it on the public account, it is with an agenda.

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