You can see viruses, ill blood cells on your mobile, tablet now

By: Hussain Kashif Hussain      Published: 08:31 PM, 6 Sep, 2021
You can see viruses, ill blood cells on your mobile, tablet now

A high-tech lenses company has introduced a light-microscope—DIPLE—for smartphones to observe different viruses, bacteria, or ill-blood cells of different kinds and measurements.

The microscopes were incredibly expensive to buy and complicated to operate digitally for science lovers but the development of technology made it easy as now it has reached the hands of every smartphone user.

In the past, scientists especially the bio and medical researchers used a trick on iPhone to transform it into a powerful microscope by using tape, rubber, and a tiny glass ball. 

But now they need no such old way to observe tiny-winy specimens because a powerful light-mode-microscope, that could provide an image 1000 times large, has been marketed.

In the DIPLE, a light microscope technology is used and there are a variety of viruses and their sizes and only a few could be seen under the light microscopes.

Scientifically, there are many viruses with different sizes and the largest viruses are measured about 500 nanometers in diameter that could only be seen as dots in a light microscope. And, the smallest viruses in their sizes are around 20 nanometers small that could never be seen in a light microscope but could be observed in the electron microscope.

Technically, the light microscope uses light rays to magnify any object and the same technic is being used for the mobile-microscopes.

The Brand:

The DIPLE is introduced by a New York-based American company, the SMO-US corp (Smart micro-optics corporation). It is also known as an innovative product maker across the tech world. 


The company claimed that the DIPLE was the most powerful microscope for any smartphone and it would help in the studies, research, or even for fun.


It gives you 1000x magnification with your smartphone, besides you can also take videos and pictures in HD. Through this mobile accessory, you can see all the microscopic organisms and their cellular details.

Sturdy material:

The DIPLE smart microscope attachment is made of a strong material that can withstand any tension. It was tested to stay intact even after being dropped from the third floor of a story building.

Light and Portable:

In terms of size, the microscope is smaller than the box of your smartphone, and you can carry it anywhere because of its compact design.


The DIPLE microscope is designed to be flexible and accept any advancement and you can modify and update its system in the future.

Online Price:

According to the company, its product—the DIPLE— is a smartphone accessory that helps you observe the microscopic world at US$50 and is available on different online supply chains.