Pakistan Army recruits ‘amazing’ long jumper Asif Magsi

By: News Desk      Published: 11:02 AM, 7 Aug, 2020
Pakistan Army recruits ‘amazing’ long jumper Asif Magsi

The Pakistan Army has chosen to recruit and train ‘amazing’ Asif Magsi, who took the internet by storm after his long jump video went viral the other day.

In the video, Asif could be seen jumping over 11 motorcycles that received immense attention.

In another video, Asif jumped over a lake with a Pakistani flag in his hand covering a beautiful distance.

According to sources, the Pakistan Army will recruit the long jumper Muhammad Asif along with providing necessary training and assistance to him to further improve his talent.

“He will now join the Army Athletics Team rather than joining the Lahore team,” the sources said.

Commenting on the development, President Pakistan Athletics Federation termed recruitment of Asif by Pakistan Army a positive development and said that it would further embolden his talent.

AFP President Maj Gen (r) M Akram Sahi said that he had also seen Magsi’s videos and was keen to meet him. “I have personally contacted him and invited him to Lahore, where he would be facilitated with all the available resources and would be trained and groom by our coaches.”

Asif Magsi said that he has been doing jumping since his childhood. “I have been practising consistently to make the jump [in the viral video]. I started from five bikes, then took it to seven and then to 11 bikes.

He further adds, “I’ve had a few injuries but none of them were ever serious.”

Magsi has also got the attention of legendary American Olympian Carl Lewis, who’s a former track and field athlete.

On his twitter handle, Lewis commended Magi’s fearless attitude while jumping over bikes. “Actually with his lack of fear, he has the perfect mindset,” he said.