Keen on good ties with India but won’t give up an inch: China

By: News Desk
Published: 02:46 PM, 7 Jun, 2020
Keen on good ties with India but won’t give up an inch: China
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China will not give up even an inch of territory but is keen on good ties with India, a Communist Party of China (CPC) mouthpiece said in an article.

The article, published in the Global Times, also warns New Delhi against being fooled by Washington. This is the second time that the Chinese mouthpiece has warned India against the US.

Earlier, it had warned New Delhi against siding with Washington in the New Cold War between the West and China.

“China does not want to fall foul of India. Good neighbourly relations have been China’s basic national policy over the past decades, and China firmly adheres to a peaceful resolution of border disputes. We have no reason to make India our enemy,” the article said and added that Beijing would not be at a disadvantage in any India-China military operation.

Saying that Washington was only serving its strategic interests in the region, the article warned New Delhi against being fooled by the US. “Washington is keen on placing a wedge between countries and drawing countries to its own side. But this serves the US’ strategic pressure on China, instead of other countries’ geopolitical interests. Washington looks forward to the China-India dispute in order to gain from it.

"The US supports India every time China and India have conflicts to encourage New Delhi’s confrontation against Beijing and to hype new border disputes,” it said.

However, New Delhi said on Sunday that India and China have agreed to "peacefully resolve" the latest border flare-up that has heightened tensions between the nuclear-armed neighbours, after a high-level meeting between army commanders.

Tensions have flared in recent weeks between the two regional powers over their 3,500-kilometre frontier, which has never been properly demarcated.

Thousands of troops from both countries are involved in the face-off concentrated in India's Ladakh region, just opposite Tibet.

"Both sides agreed to peacefully resolve the situation in the border areas in accordance with various bilateral agreements," the foreign ministry said in a statement in New Delhi. The ministry added that the commanders agreed an "early resolution" was "essential" for bilateral relations between the world's two most-populous nations.

"Accordingly, the two sides will continue the military and diplomatic engagements to resolve the situation and to ensure peace and tranquillity in the border areas," the statement said.

There have been numerous face-offs and brawls between Chinese and Indian soldiers at the frontier, but they have become more frequent in recent years.

On May 9, several Indian and Chinese soldiers were injured in a high-altitude cross-border clash involving fists and stone-throwing in Sikkim state.

Indian officials said that within days, Chinese troops encroached over the demarcation line in the Ladakh region, further to the west.

The talks, which took place in the Chushul-Moldo region between the two commanders, is believed to be the highest-level meeting since the Sikkim exchange.

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping have sought to ease the tensions at summits over the past two years when they agreed to boost border communications between their militaries.