Veteran actress Bushra Ansari come under TikTok icons fire

By: News Desk
Published: 02:59 PM, 7 Jun, 2021
Veteran actress Bushra Ansari come under TikTok icons fire
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This is a period of constant rage taking place between public figures of the nation during which everyone is out there ready to fire missiles of cruel words over another.

TikToker Jannat Mirza has been under heavy criticism due to one of her ‘insensitive’ acts which somehow succeeded into offending the Christian community.

She was carelessly donning an accessory on her pants which carried extreme significance for Christians and therefore she got heavily targeted for her nonchalance.

However, Jannat has apologised and explained that she didn’t intentionally cause distress to anyone and the accessory was gifted to her as a PR.

However, how can some public figure being under fire not cause another public figure to declare their stance regarding the issue?

That’s unavoidable!

Veteran actress Bushra Ansari it seems got exceedingly angry over Jannat’s disrespect and called the TikToker a ‘so-called’ star who doesn’t have a clue about the religion of Islam.

Well, we would have ignored a senior actress’ attack considering that she is an aged woman however Jannat’s sister Alishba Anjum had a whole lot to say to the old lady.

A much itched Alisha Anjum responded, “You are also an actress and you don’t have the right to preach to us. What you do is also not allowed in Islam, I do content creation because I am sinful, Jannat has already apologized and people have accepted it & have forgiven her”

Yes Bushra. Let it go.

However, Bushra’s choice of words seemed to trigger another TikTok sensation Umer Butt who chose to approach the situation with utter disrespect and called the veteran actress ‘illiterate’.

Well these youngsters calling a senior actress illiterate even though her move was not wise is no doubt a much greater form of illiteracy.

Umer said, “Bushra Ansari you are illiterate, you have proved that you are illiterate (Jahil). You should apologize for what you have said about Jannat Mirza”.

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