Ishaq Dar blasts PTI govt for food inflation, rupee depreciation

By: News Desk      Published: 05:04 PM, 7 May, 2020
Ishaq Dar blasts PTI govt for food inflation, rupee depreciation

Blasting the PTI government for its poor economic policies, senior PML-N leader and former finance minister Ishaq Dar on Thursday noted an alarming rise in food inflation in both urban and rural areas as well as depreciation of rupee.

He remarked that performance of the government chanting the slogan of change had been exposed. The PTI has ruined the economy, he added.

In a tweet, Dar quoted the government’s figures and said food inflation in urban areas had risen by 10.4 percent and by 12.9 percent in rural areas during the month of April.

The ratio for the last year of the PML-N tenure was just 1 percent, which meant that the increase in comparative terms for urban areas currently stood at 1,040 percent and 1,290 percent in the case of rural, he explained his point.

Dar, in another tweet, said a strong currency was a prerequisite for an emerging economy and the rupee remained stable during the PML-N government.

In this connection, the senior PML-N leader cited the yearly average which, he said, was 103 in 2014 and 109 in 2018. But the PTI government had ruined the economy, as the yearly average for 2019 and 2020 stood at 137 and 157 respectively.

In an earlier tweet, the former finance minister had blasted the PTI government for the exponential rise in petroleum levy.