Strong voices shed light on impact of words as leading skincare brand changes its name 

By: News Desk      Published: 11:39 AM, 7 Oct, 2020
Strong voices shed light on impact of words as leading skincare brand changes its name 
Strong voices shed light on impact of words as leading skincare brand changes its name 

Renowned superstars acknowledge the efforts of the prominent skincare brand, Fair & Lovely for changing its name to Glow & Lovely. The famous media personalities have commented on the impact words have when it comes to promoting positive change.

Influential figures from within the border and beyond have expressed their opinions on this reforming step towards understanding the importance of representing a more multi-dimensional model of beauty in South Asia. Actor/director, Sarmad Khoosat, and Bollywood actor/director Nandita Das share similar views on the brand’s name change.

Upon being asked about his stance during the ongoing debate of whether the name change is actually a productive step, sources say Sarmad Khoosat released his statement, “I’ve always felt strongly about telling stories of real people and real issues and there is no denying that there is much resistance for the truth. Breaking away from redundant ideals, notions, terms and even words that the society puts forth is not easy. It’s encouraging to see that a prominent brand that was selling the term ‘fair’ for years, has opted to drop the word that connotes many things that are unfair.” Khoosat hopes this change breaks free from the redundant societal standards of beauty and makes a lasting impact for the future: 

Similarly, two months ago when Hindustan Unilver announced the change in name, Indian actor/director sources said that Nandita Das also expressed her thoughts on this radical change by the brand. Being a winner of several accolades, Das has also been a long-standing advocate for anti-colorism and has previously been vocal about several social issues. In September 2019, she produced a two-minute PSA music video, ‘India’s Got Color’, the clip was about issues of colorism and urged people to celebrate India’s diversity of skin color. In 2009, Das launched her anti-colorism campaign titled, “Dark Is Beautiful” which is all about inclusivity and beauty beyond color. Two months ago, the actor also released a statement approving of the change made by Glow & Lovely: 

“Even though it is more symbolic (after all, they have not discontinued the product, just changed the messaging), it is still a big step forward. Changing the name alone will not change anything, but words do matter.”

Fair & Lovely’s transition into Glow & Lovely sparked a debate right after the brand officially announced the change in name. One can’t deny the importance of the first drastic step the brand has taken. However, South Asians continue to look forward to a revision of the brand’s overall narrative and communication.