Proud Yasir Hussain shares picture of wife Iqra Aziz in her self-bought car

By: News Desk      Published: 04:24 PM, 8 Apr, 2021
Yasir Hussain Wife Iqra Aziz
Iqra Aziz with her Mother

Pakistani actor, screen playwright and VJ host Yasir Hussain shared an Instagram picture that might prove to trigger inspiration sparks in many female individuals.

In the post, Yasir’s wife Iqra Aziz (highly admired Pakistani television actress) is happily showing off her new car purchased with her own money with her mother Asiya Aziz in the frame.

Yasir Hussain is always the quick-witted one so how could he let this moment of utter pride go?

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He shared the picture on his platform with a deep, heartfelt caption.

He tries to portray immense appreciation and pride for his beautiful 24-year-old wife and his mother-in-law who is Pakistan’s first female Careem driver sitting in Iqra Aziz’s very own car bought with her hard-earned money.

He further commented that powerful women have a distinctive glow on their faces. The men who stop their mothers, sisters, daughters and wives from attaining a substantial standing in society are insecure and cannot be called real men.

"My Beautiful wife @iiqraaziz with her proud Mother Asiya aziz (Pakistan’s first female careem driver) sitting in her daughter’s new car MASHALLAH. powerful aurton k chehry pe alag hi Glow hota hai. Apni maon behno betiyon aur BV ko rokny waly insecure hoty hain, mard nahi," Yasir Hussain shared his perspective.