Wheat flour body announces hike in flour price in Lahore 

By: 24 News      Published: 04:10 PM, 8 Dec, 2021
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The wheat flour grinders association in Lahore has increased the rate of chaki flour by Rs3 thus raising the per kg price of flour from Rs85 to Rs88, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

The aftershocks of hike in petroleum prices are taking people by surprise as the wheat flour grinders association in Lahore on Wednesday raised the wheat flour price from Rs85/kg to Rs88/kg. 

After an increase of Rs3 per kg in the price of wheat flour, the new rate of wheat has become Rs2,500 per maund. 

Citizens are extremely worried over the high prices of the staple food in the grain market. They were of the view that the government was snatching morsel of food from the mouths of poor people. 

The flood of inflation does not stop here as the naan and bread bakers association has also raised the prices of roti and naan. Now the roti will be sold for Rs10 and naan price for Rs18. 

While addressing a presser in Lahore, the united naan and roti association leader Aftab Gul said that they were compelled to hike the prices of naan and bread after an increase in the wheat flour prices. He said the government did not contact them. He asked the government to provide subsidy to the bread bakers as after excluding all expenditures, a naan cost Rs20 to the bakers. 

 Reporter Junaid Riaz