When Nida Yasir’s anger flares, Yasir Nawaz ducks

By: News Desk
Published: 12:56 PM, 8 Jun, 2021
When Nida Yasir’s anger flares, Yasir Nawaz ducks
Caption: File photo.
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In a patriarchal society where men are the ruling party and women are supposed to align with their dominant behaviours, instances portraying women taking control prove to provoke a lot of excitement.

Let’s talk here about renowned morning show host Nida Yasir showing her husband who is in charge.

At the set of Time Out with Ahsan Khan, Nida Yasir and her husband Pakistani director, actor Yasir Nawaz made an appearance. 

Can we just add that the type of personal instances celebrities share at interviews makes us think whether indulging in such intimate topics is even a wise move? However the word ‘privacy’ is not common for a public figure.

Director Yasir became a bit too comfortable at the set and started professing moments when his wife Nida gave him a rather hard time.

Let’s start first with the incident in which Nida managed to break the TV due to her uncontrollable anger.

Yasir starts with how they had been fighting and then Nida went to sleep which gave Yasir the perfect moment to indulge in some idle moments of peace and watch TV but Nida wanted her sweet sleep and asked him to lower the volume which Yasir did however Nida was in the mood to burst.

She then threw Yasir’s metallic water bottle at the TV and the poor TV broke.

Nida, you are savage!

Here are Yasir’s own words, “Once Nida was sleeping and I was watching TV. She asked me to lower down the volume of the TV and I decreased the volume. She again asked me to decrease it. Before that, we had a fight so her mood was off. I then decreased the volume. I have a metallic water bottle. She woke up and threw that bottle at the TV and the TV broke”. 

Let’s now jump on to another incident that will tell you that Nida Yasir has a bad temper so it is not wise to mess with her.

Yasir started with, “Once I was doing a play and I cast a girl in it. I was sitting in the room working on my laptop, Nida opened the door and asked me not to cast that girl in the drama. I told her that I don’t interfere in your morning shows so I can cast whoever I want. Nida again warned me and asked me to remove that girl from the drama. I said that whatever you say it doesn’t matter and I will cast her. She again warned me. I didn’t pay heed. She came, picked up my laptop, threw it on the floor and after that jumped on it”.

It would have been smart if you had listened to her Yasir. At least you would still have a functioning laptop and a television! Sigh.