Shehbaz calls for accountability of Imran Khan’s Panama propaganda

Says Imran Khan admitted in audio leak buying five MNAs: PTI chief damaged Pakistan’s relations with US: Nawaz never sought NRO, Maryam got relief on merit: Tells court corruption charges against him preposterous 

By: News Desk
Published: 10:30 AM, 8 Oct, 2022
Shehbaz calls for accountability of Imran Khan’s Panama propaganda
Caption: PM Shehbaz Sharif talking to reporters in Lahore.
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Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has called for accountability of PTI Chairman Imran Khan over his “Panama propaganda”, accusing the cricketer-turned-politician of lying day and night, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

Talking to newsmen in Lahore after appearing in a court on Saturday, Shehbaz Sharif said he appeared in the court today because he respects the law.

Shehbaz Sharif said Imran Khan has admitted in his audio leak that he bought five votes. He said that Imran Khan lied all the time, damaged Pakistan’s relations with the United States and damaged the country’s image abroad.

The prime minister also said that terming Maryam Nawaz’s acquittal in Avenfield reference an NRO by the PTI is a condemnable act. “My Quaid Nawaz Sharif never sought NRO from anyone and that his daughter Maryam Nawaz got relief purely on the the basis of merit,” Shehbaz maintained.

The PTI chairman will have to answer for his crimes, declared the prime minister, calling Imran Khan a liar and fraudster.

Referring to the most recent audio leak, Shehbaz said he [Imran Khan] had set up an auction centre in PM House where buying and selling of MNAs continued.

The prime minister asked if there could ever be a bigger crime than buying of conscience of the people.

Shehbaz Sharif cited the latest audio and asked as to where Imran Khan arranged money from to buy those five MNAs; was it Farah Gogi or national exchequer?

The premier asked how Imran could keep on uttering the refrain of NRO when his own sister Aleema Khan got NRO from the FBR and Farah Gogi got it from the anti-corruption body. 

He deplored that the helicopter case was shut during the Imran government. He also asked then NAB chairman why he did not take notice of the theft of 190 million pounds. 

He alleged that Imran had got an NRO in the BRT, billion tsunami tree campaign and several other cases. His lie regarding the American conspiracy was exposed through his audio leaks. He said he had never seen a charlatan and a conspirator bigger than Imran in his entire life. 

PM rejects corruption charges

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has rejected the corruption charges against him saying that it’s preposterous to level such an allegation against a person who even does not accept his salary, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

The prime minister told this to the special central court in Lahore during the hearing of money laundering case against him on Saturday.

PM Shehbaz came to the rostrum and started giving arguments to prove his innocence. He told the court that he had served the public since 1997 as chief minister of Punjab for 12 and half years. 

“But during this period, I never accepted my salary and TADA. Even I paid for my travel expenses abroad from my own pocket. Roughly, this amount totaled Rs80-100 million which I never took from the national exchequer believing that this money might be spent on the welfare of the poor people. How could they bring Rs2.5 million or Rs3.9 million money laundering charge against me when I was declining to take even my own salary,” Prime Minister Shehbaz said adding that it was a big hypocrisy and the corruption charge was totally false. 

The premier came to the court along with his advisor Ata Tarar. 

During the case hearing, lawyer Amjad Pervaiz submitted Hamza Shehbaz’s application seeking his exemption from the court appearance due to his backache. 

The lawyer presented his arguments in favour of PM Shehbaz’s acquittal in the case. He said that the FIA failed to bring any evidence. 

He said according to the FIA, some sacks full of money reached the CM Office and then this money was filled in vans and deposited in the banks. But there was no evidence and the FIA failed to provide any documentary proof, the lawyer added. 

He contented that Shehbaz was not holder of any Benami accounts. He said the FIA could not even prove that money was transferred to these Benami accounts through illegal means.

He said that statements of 161 witnesses were recorded in this case during previous government but these statements were no more than the anecdotes.  

The judge then asked the lawyer how Maqsood was connected to the case.

The lawyer said that Maqsood had passed away. Had he been alive, he would have expressed his ignorance in this regard, the lawyer said adding that Maqsood used to run his own accounts and business and used to pay his taxes.

The judge, however, inquired of the lawyer to explain how did the money get transferred to Maqsood’s account and from where. 

The lawyer said he knew nothing about this money, declaring it Benami. He said that the FIA cooked up a political story and registered a case against his client.