Farkhanda Begum gets a taste of her own medicine in ‘Muqaddar’

By: News Desk
Published: 02:14 PM, 8 Sep, 2020
Farkhanda Begum gets a taste of her own medicine in ‘Muqaddar’
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The latest episode of Muqaddar ended on a high note that was satisfying for all those who have been rooting for Raima from the very beginning. It starts with Saad going into Raima’s room to drop off some books.

That’s when he finds her unconscious because of fever. He calls a doctor for Raima even though Farkhanda tells him not to.

Later, Saad sees Farkhanda spiking Raima’s soup with something. He realizes her hate for Raima has exceeded to the extent that she’s ready to kill her.

Saif-ur-Rehman calls Raima while he’s away, but she doesn’t tell him about her health. She wonders why she’s unable to love Saif-ur-Rehman even though he loves her so much.

Back home, Haris has a nightmare in which he sees that Raima is in grave sorrow and is calling out to him for help. He is shocked but doesn’t mention anything to his wife.

Saad and Abeera are on their way to attend a wedding but return home when they fight after she badmouths and ridicules Raima in front of him. Upon returning home, Saad overhears Farkhanda’s conversation with Raima in which she bribes her with a blank check to leave and even threatens to set Raima on fire if she tells Saif-ur-Rehman about anything.

Farkhanda makes several attempts to taint Raima’s character during the episode. She tries to lock her with Saad only for him to catch her while she was hurrying towards Raima’s room.

She then goes on to accuse Raima of flirting and throwing herself on Saad in front of everyone. An indifferent Raima turns to Abeera and asks her if she thinks a decent guy such as Saad could do something like that. Being certain that nothing of that sort had happened, Abeera admits in front of Saif-ur-Rehman that her mother’s lying.

The episode ends with an enraged Saif-ur-Rehman dismissing Farkhanda for lying and hurling false accusations on Raima’s character.

7th Sky Entertainment’s Muqaddar, since its first episode, has been a show with emotionally heavy scenes, crisp dialogues, and impeccable performances.

We will have to wait for another week until we will find out what Farkhanda’s next act of retaliation is going to be against Raima. Muqaddar airs on Mondays at 8 pm.