Hareem Shah on MASSIVE shopping spree in Turkey 

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 11:28 AM, 9 Aug, 2021
Hareem Shah on MASSIVE shopping spree in Turkey 

Some social media personalities tend to make a lasting impact on senses, whether the impact is negative or positive, that is debatable however TikToker Hareem Shah is always being observed keenly and this time the internet sensation has spent quite a lot of money on shopping in Istanbul, Turkey.

Miss Shah might have garnered massive admiration over the internet however she is also considered to be one of the most controversial social media personalities as she is most often involved in controversies which manage to make the headlines. 

This time, the internet diva has shared a few clips in which she can be seen in a store enjoying her shopping session to the fullest.

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Hareem can be seen paying for her purchases at the cash register and in another video the TikToker emerges with heaps of shopping bags indicating a ‘SUCCESSFUL’ shopping expedition.

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A hilarious video from the same day has also captured our attention in which Hareem can be seen dancing to a song with a VERY cheerful expression however as she was getting carried away with the ‘fun’ momentum, suddenly she caught herself from falling to the ground.