Stubborn Hania Aamir takes on Asim Azhar

By: News Desk
Published: 12:00 PM, 9 Jun, 2021
Stubborn Hania Aamir takes on Asim Azhar
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The feud between actress Hania Aamir and singer Asim Azhar keeps being fuelled by all the attention that it receives as the celebrities have made it their mission to reveal each intimate detail to the public eye, maybe in search for some validation?

However, there are always various aspects to every situation and during the rivalry between the influential divas, the nation has decided to pick sides.

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Hania’s supporters stand with the actress due to maybe letting all the stardom and immensely adorable demeanour affect their judgement, however we are definitely not being biased as Hania is the victim here at least that is what she claims so maybe there is a dimension of ugly truths that we haven’t discovered yet?

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After the video in which Hania is lying on top of Wajahat Rauf’s son Aashir Wajahat caused an uproar on social media with everyone out there ready to attack the actress over her fearless moves, Hania’s ex-boyfriend Asim Azhar uploaded a tweet indirectly implying how he had already escaped successfully: ‘Bal bal bach gaya’.

When many celebrities came out to support Hania Aamir, Asim also released an impactful note revealing how he has been getting bullied since the past one and a half year (since the breakup) with people making fun of him by saying ‘kat gaya kat gaya’ and now a certain someone has the guts to play the victim card?

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As we said earlier, it will not be wise to pick sides as we are not aware of each element of the situation as a public figure reveals only certain information on their platforms that they want the public to see.

There is always that selfish motive, right?

Obviously one will only make those issues public which will potentially help them strengthen their opinions in some way.

But observations also prove to be immensely accurate sometimes and we have observed that Hania Aamir is acting exceedingly ‘stubborn’.

She doesn’t want to let this go and it seems that she wants to make Asim pay.

Yes, Hania is in mood for some ‘real’ revenge.

Now, when the actress was uploading videos of how she has been feeling regarding the whole fiasco, we felt really bad for her.

Especially when she shed tears in one of her videos, that was truly heart-shattering.

But if she is so heartbroken and wants to avoid all the drama then why has she again taken part into making targeted fun of Asim Azhar during a live session with her fast friend Umer Mukhtar?

Why does Hania Aamir keep diverting negative attention to her side again and again?

Is this immaturity? Maybe.

But social media users think that it is ‘karma’ and Hania Aamir is facing what she has brewed.