Ayeza Khan’s advice to Hania Aamir and Asim Azhar after backlash over ‘bold’ video

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Published: 04:12 PM, 8 Jun, 2021
Ayeza Khan’s advice to Hania Aamir and Asim Azhar after backlash over ‘bold’ video
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The most trending topic of the nation: Ferocious dispute between former sweethearts actress Hania Aamir and singer Asim Azhar.

Let’s dive in!

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In case you are new to the chapter of Hania Aamir and Asim Azhar, these two are among the most influential members of the Pakistani showbiz industry and were involved in a romantic relationship about a year back.

However due to dire circumstances, the two had to part ways.

Now since the past year actress Hania Aamir has been involved into showcasing a ‘unique’ type of content on her social media platforms and netizens started questioning her mindset also her choices.

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Recently, Hania Aamir made the worst decision of her life and posted a video on her Instagram in which she is lying on top of popular film director Wajahat Rauf’s son Aashir Wajahat.

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Though, the adorable star chooses to call the youngsters of Wajahat household her ‘baby’ brothers, Hania’s questionable video managed to cause a storm over social media which led to Hania instantly deleting the clip.

Amidst intense hatred being thrown Hania’s way, ex-lover Asim Azhar also approached the situation defying Hania’s values and posted a rather bewildering sticker on his twitter which said ‘Bal bal bach gaya’.

During the whole nation pointing fingers at Hania, she it seems became supremely distressed and uploaded post after post in which she kept reminding everyone why they started idolizing her in the first place.

She also shared a clip in which she is shedding tears, the clip screamed loudly of the actress thinking to give up and announce her defeat.

However Hania wasn’t going to let Asim’s stunt slide by therefore she decided to respond in an equally hostile manner to the renowned singer.

“You can either be a celebrity or a bitter ex with no dignity.”

Many celebrities who have a soft spot for the Pakistani actress decided to declare their stances regarding the tussle at hand. Here are some of the supportive messages by renowned celebrities who chose to be on Hania’s side:

Obviously as Asim saw such great support sliding towards Hania Aamir, he also decided to finally declare the struggles he has been facing since a long time and why he decided to act the way he did.

He talked about how he has been getting bullied since the past year and a half as people directed all the cruel words and vile statements towards him.

Asim said, “When the social media bullying was at its peak I deleted the apps from my phone instead of deactivating my accounts that’s why I haven’t seen most of the memes that were made to make fun of me and I felt a lot better after passing those 6-7 days without being on social media.”

One of Asim’s statements hit right to the heart, “I remember nobody came to defend me jab poori dunya mazay le rahi thi ‘Kat gaya, kat gaya’.

Asim declares that this is the height of hypocrisy.

He further says, “If you are human, I am human too. There is a limit to a human’s listening capacity”.

The tormented speech was concluded with “Also, whatever happening is sad. I hope everybody learns from this”.

As the feud between Hania and Asim is trending on Twitter, it was highly inevitable for their old ‘memories’ to be resurfaced over social media  and yes an old video has managed to make a comeback which is focused on the duo’s breakup.


This uproar has made people find their long-lost hobby which is poking their noses in business that doesn’t affect them.

Amongst many celebrities also social media users are professing their opinions regarding the issue at hand, Pakistani actress Ayeza Khan’s advice is the one we found most practical. 

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Ayeza’s solid piece of advice for the tremendously emotional ex-couple is:

“Learn to keep your private life private so that others won’t make your life as their entertainment”.