In troubled times, I was the only voice for tribal people: PM

FATA region did not develop 'due to the callousness of the previous rulers'

By: News Desk      Published: 05:37 PM, 9 Mar, 2020
In troubled times, I was the only voice for tribal people: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said the people in the tribal region had been left behind compared to the rest of the country due to the callousness of the previous rulers.

Addressing a gathering in Mohmand district, the prime minister said, “I was the lone voice that spoke for the tribals, many of them were left destitute in the wake of incessant wars.”

“It was our tribal people who bore the brunt of the war against terror,” Imran said, adding, “But now your representatives are in the provincial legislature; now your voice will not go unheard anymore.”

The event was held in connection with the distribution of the Kafalat Card for the deserving people of the district.

Criticising the previous governments, Imran said the present government was bringing a range of programmes that would serve for social uplift of the people.

“After a survey around the Mohmand region, we have concluded that the climate is conducive for the harvest of olives and we have planned to fill the entire available area with olive trees.”

It will not only give people the most hygienic alternative the edible oil but also reduce the import worth billions of rupees, he noted. “We’re also planning to establish marble industry in Mohmand,” the prime minister added.

For women, Imran said, the government was planning to give cattle in order to provide them with economic sustainability.

Assuring the 2,500 students from Mohmand who have applied for the scholarship, the prime minister said, “The government will give you scholarship on a preferential basis.”

Then another announcement came amid the clapping from the audience, as Imran took a pause after saying “3G, 4G,” and continued saying, “Today the youth is receiving education through their mobile phones.” Then pointing out towards Federal Minister Murad Saeed, he said, “It’s your responsibility to ensure the provision of 3G and 4G in this area.”

About the provision of drinking water, he said, “Although I’ve been told that the provision of drinking water is expensive, I ensure you that the government will provide water from Mohmand Dam in order to resolve your area’s drinking water problem.”

After explaining the reasons why the government was forced to increase the electricity and gas prices, the prime minister said, “I’ll no more allow any external pressure that forced us to increase the prices.”

Drawing the attention of the youth of the area, Imran said, “O youth of Mohmand, let me tell you why the country couldn’t progress despite having all the natural resources. Remember, the countries don’t become poor due to the lack of resources. The country becomes poor only when its leaders become robbers.”

“Never vote those people whose leadership has accumulated wealth and property outside of Pakistan.”

The prime minister said that 2019 was the toughest year, and added, “Now we’re on the right track.”

Earlier in the day, Imran said he would not have continued with his 22-year struggle in politics if he had not been a sportsman.

Inaugurating the Under-21 Games at Qayyum Sports Complex Peshawar, the prime minister said, “Those who value their bodies as a blessing of God keep it active,” and added, “When you play sports, you are actually taking care of your body.”

The prime minister congratulated the audience for the inauguration of Under 21 Games which, he said, would a talent hunt the process.

About the philosophy of life, Imran said, “Life is all about competition. In school, there is a competition between students for better grades.”

Defining a champion, he said, “A champion is not the one whose head is raised by the recent victory; the real champion is that person who is not morally defeated by the loss. Instead, the recent loss reinvigorates and redoubles his energies to find out his faults, which he recovers before the next competition.”

“A real champion is he who learns from his defeat,” Imran said and added that he would have given up had he not been a sportsman.