Meda Ishq Vi Tu! Pathanay Khan remembered on 20th death anniversary

By: Faizan Ali Warraich      Published: 07:03 PM, 9 Mar, 2020
Meda Ishq Vi Tu! Pathanay Khan remembered on 20th death anniversary

The 20th death anniversary of famous folk singer Pathanay Khan is being observed today (Monday). He was a living legend of folk music, who invented his own unique and indigenous style.

The legendry Seraiki singer sang poetry (kafis) of Baba Bulleh Shah, Khawaja Ghulam Farid Mithankoti, Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, Shah Hussain, Mehar Ali Shah, Baba Farid and other Sufi poets.

His fans are not confined only to Pakistan or India, as his reach encompassed around the world. His recorded shows and concerts are still popular on YouTube. Wherever the Urdu, Punjabi and Seraiki are spoken, one can easily find his lovers.

For example, the Pakistani diaspora is one of the leading ambassadors of the Pakistani folk music and Pathanay Khan’s albums are still popular among diaspora community in England.

Pathanay Khan was born in 1926 at Basti Tambu Wali in Kot Addu (Punjab). He highlighted the sufferings and vulnerability of the people of Thal Desert in his singings.

After quitting his studies in seventh class, he was raised by his mother. In 1984, his first album ‘Mein Vee Jana Jhok Ranjhan’ (I too have to go to the place of my beloved) was released. His last album was released in 1999 and is still hugely popular among music lovers.

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was also a big fan of Pathanay Khan. According to a report published in 1976, Bhutto invited him for a private music event in Islamabad. And he broke into tears on ‘Dil li dilree lutee tain yaar sajan, Kadi mor maharan tay wal a watan’.

He was very popular among the common Punjabi and Seraiki people for his 1984 ‘Meeda Ishq Vee Toon’ (You are my ardour). Another popular rendition of Pathanay Khan was ‘Ghoom Charkharya Ghoom’ (Turn o spinning wheel, turn).

His other albums are ‘Dil Dam Dam Dardon’ (1992) and ‘Ranjhan Ang Lagaya’ (1999).

Pathanay Khan was awarded the Pride of Performance in 1979. He died after a protracted illness at his home town on 9th of March, 2000.

Voice of Desert

He was the first who could surely be labelled as the voice of the desert – a trend which was later followed by Reshma, Shazia Khushk, Abida Perveen, Mai Bhaghi and Mansoor Malangi.

Mushtaq Soofi, a famous poet, told, “His singing and choice of poetry actually reflected his lifestyle. He was a true follower and advocate of Punjab’s spiritual life, who put his thoughts into his ghazals and folk songs.”

“He sang all his ghazals with passion, feeling and created his own music universe,” he noted.

“Pathanay Khan was a selfless person who was not fond of commercialism. I believe his popular songs are not even close to his real work at private shows,” Soofi said.