It was love at first sight, Nadia Khan and husband divulge when the Cupid fires

By: News Desk      Published: 11:39 AM, 10 Feb, 2021
It was love at first sight, Nadia Khan and husband divulge when the Cupid fires

Pakistani television actress and hostess Nadia Khan had married a former fighter pilot in a simple and private ceremony at a farmhouse in Islamabad last month.

Filming a special vlog with her husband, Nadia Khan and her husband Faisal Mumtaz, who is a former Pakistan Air Force officer and fighter pilot, went down the memory lane.

Revealing some interesting things about the events leading to their marriage, the 41-year-old witty hostess explained that their common friends linked them up. Khan revealed that Faisal brought some parcel from her family friends and that was the first time they met at Nadia’s place. 

”I went to Nadia’s place for just ten to fifteen minutes but the moment we started talking we didn’t realise about time,” added Faisal. The couple also reminisced about their first agenda before marrying, which was to take permission from their kids and parents.

The Aisi Hai Tanhai star spoke about her bond with her mother-in-law and how easily she clicked with her, “Faisal’s mother and my interests are same and we instantly got comfortable with each other in our first meeting."

Thanking the fans profusely, the couple expressed gratitude over their support.

Nadia Khan has been married before and has three children from her earlier two marriages. Her eldest daughter’s name is Alizeh, and son’s name is Azan. Her youngest son’s name is Kian.

Her husband is a retired Wing Commander. Previously he joined the UAE Air Force; first as an instructor pilot, and then as chief of safety.