Women that inspired us with their roles on TV screens

By: Faizan Javed      Published: 07:45 PM, 10 Mar, 2020
Women that inspired us with their roles on TV screens

Television in our country is a medium that is loved by one and all. There’s always something for everyone on our TV screens, whether it’s the elderly, the youngsters and everyone else in between.

Our TV shows on more often than one occasion are a depiction of our society and what happens around us. They show us characters that are relatable because they come from us.

There are a few times when the writers of these shows get it just right when they are creating female characters.

These are strong willed, courageous women who breathe life into a part and make us fall in love with them. Below are six out of many other female characters that inspire us and who we can always look up to.

Sana Javed as Afreen in ‘Darr khuda se’

Afreen, portrayed brilliantly by the amazing Sana Javed, is a strong, independent girl. She belongs to a middle class background and is the sole breadwinner of her family.

Afreen dismisses the norm that only sons can take care of their families and the daughters can’t.

Afreen ends up becoming the victim of sexual harassment at her workplace by the hands of her boss, played by Imran Abbas. When other girls would have chosen to stay quiet, Afreen chooses to take a stand for herself and her honor. 

Ayeza Khan as Mehwish in ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’

Ten years into her career and having appeared in almost 30 drama serials, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Ayeza Khan has just delivered the performance of her lifetime as the controversial female protagonist, Mehwish in super-hit drama serial, Mere Paas Tum Ho.

Her character in MPTH took the internet by storm and people across the border praised her performance in the serial.

Taking to her Instagram account, Ayeza penned a long note pondering over her character in MPTH.

“Mehwish was a character probably no one wanted to do, maybe because of the preconceived notion that a ‘heroine’ can never be bad. She can’t be someone people hate. A heroine will always be innocent, will cry, scream, suffer and be helpless, be forgiving and she will do anything but betray her hero,” she wrote.

Hiba Bokhari as Nageen in ‘Deewangi’

Deewangi follows the story of Nageen, played by a refreshing Hiba Bukhari. Nageen is a girl with hopes, dreams and ambitions for herself. She is motivated, driven and is eager to work hard until she is able to become the girl that she always wanted to be.

Nageen believes in becoming the change that she wants to see in her life so that she can get rid of the impoverished condition she was born and brought up in.

Even when it comes to choosing her life partner, Nageen remains adamant on being with someone who would treat her with respect instead of doing as he pleases because of howhe wants to see in her life so that she can get rid of the impoverished condition she was born and brought up in. rich and powerful they are.

Neelam Muneer as Rida in ‘Kahin deep jalay’

Kahin Deep Jalay, is one drama that was widely appreciated from its very first episode.

The show explores the harsh realities of life and how things can turn around at any time for us. Neelam Munir lends a beautiful simplicity to the character of Rida, a kind hearted girl who is loved by one and all. She stands by the man she loves and supports him regardless of the difficulties before them.

Rida proves the fact that a man can face anything in life if he has a strong, fearless woman by his side.

Kiran Haq as Dilkash in ‘Khoobseerat’

Khoobseerat, is a show that talks about focusing on someone’s consciences and personality, rather than their beauty and physical features.

The central character of the show is Dilkash, an earnest performance by Kiran Haq. She is a beautiful, strong girl but all of her qualities get marred by her walking disability.

However, she refuses people to take pity on her just because she cannot walk properly.

She holds her self-respect extremely important which is why she refuses to be presented in front of others who come to see her for marriage just so they can ridicule her and reject her.

Madiha Imam as Raima in ‘Muqaddar’

Muqaddar, is a drama that deals with the issue of toxic masculinity and its effects on people’s lives. The central character of the show Raima is portrayed by Madiha Imam, who is a bright and focused broadcast journalist.

She is ambitious like everyone else but is never the one to compromise on her own principles. When a powerful politician keeps her as his captive and then forcefully marries her, Raima still doesn’t accept what has happened in her fate.

She stands firmly in front of her adversities and raises her voice so the ones around her can hear what she is going through.