Rabia Anum breaks silence on online hate, love after Mohsin Abbas episode

Published: 03:41 PM, 10 Nov, 2022
rabia anum and mohsin abbas
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Television host Rabia Anum Obaid broke her silence about the incident when she walked away from the Nida Yasir's television show in which Mohsin Abbas was also invited as the co-guest. 

She did not bother with the online criticism she received from fellow artists and models like Mathira and others, who shamed Rabia and condemned her on-screen behavior in front of an audience. 

Rabia took to her Twitter and said: “Did my tiny bit to break the cycle of ifs and buts, let’s hope harassers and wife beaters are never given the chance to be heroes again, those who never apologized for what they did while the victims are still struggling mentally physically and financially to get back on their feet.”

Rabia Anum said that the love and appreciation people sent from all around the world were overwhelming.

“Men and women sending me their own stories of abusive childhood and marriages,” the television host said in the Twitter post. 

Rabia claimed that she have been reading the stories and crying.

“The first thing I did after walking out spoke to Fatima, we both cried on phone,” she disclosed.

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Rabia-Mohsin Saga

What really happened and how it all started has buzzed the social media platform and from Vlogs to tweets by content creators are coming in on the Rabia’s act. 

The internet is divided. 

Rabia before leaving the TV show said that due to the reason she mentioned, she doesn’t want to be a part of the show. “I know how responsible you [Nida] are and I love you for that, but I think If today I sit through the entire show, I will not be able to face my friends, my colleagues and all of those girls for whom I might have to take a stand for in the future, for whom I’ve already raised my voice. So, to take care of that I will not be a part of this show, I’m sorry,” Obaid said.

A number of people are supporting Rabia Anum for walking out from the show that featured Mohsin Abbas who has been accused of domestic abuse to his wife Fatima. 

On the other hand, many celebrities and netizens criticized the newscaster and television host for not giving the second chance to the Mohsin and publically shamed him infront of millions of online viewers. 

Amir Liaquat's wife takes on home-wrecker's female anchors/actresses 

Syeda Bushra Iqbal, former wife of the late televangelist Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain, in an Instagram post called out the showbiz industry for remaining silent about female 'homewreckers'.

She criticized the TV industry's ‘selective feminism’ after television host Rabia Anum walked out from the morning show on the participation of Mohsin Abbas Haider.

Netizens were baffled as to whom she was referring to the homewreckers, whether she was Toobra Anwar or someone else. 

Syeda Bushra Iqbal also voiced her opinion on the issue stating that there should be ‘equality for all irrespective of their gender and demanded a ban on home wreckers as well.


Actor Mishi Khan, Mathira criticize Rabia Anum 

Actor Mishi Khan said that that was cringe move by Rabia Anum. "It’s great to stand up for something you believe in but this is not the way to embarrass and humiliate people in a live show. You had ample time to walk out before going on Live rather this awful move leaked." 

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