Bilawal stresses global cooperation to fight off coronavirus

By: News Desk      Published: 03:42 PM, 11 Apr, 2020
Bilawal stresses global cooperation to fight off coronavirus

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Saturday said the coronavirus pandemic could only be overcome through global cooperation, as he made it clear that the rich and resourceful countries would have to help the poor nations.

In an interview with SkyNews, Bilawal said the poor countries did not have resources to fight the coronavirus on their own.

The world powers and the countries with resources would have to ensure an equitable distribution of testing kits and health services around the world, the PPP chairman stressed.

Referring to Iran which is still facing sanctions, he said the people were dying in that country because of the coronavirus. The world powers would have to change their attitude, Bilawal noted.

He also mentioned the Occupied Kashmir, saying India had been executing a complete lockdown in the region for the last 250 days, where the people did not have any facility.

The PPP chairman said Pakistan had been badly affected by the coronavirus and did not have a health system that could enable the country to tackle the pandemic.

The health systems of even the likes of Italy and the UK had experienced a breakdown, he said, adding, “Our health system is much weaker than that of Italy and the UK.”

Bilawal warned that Pakistan’s medical system would collapse in case of coronavirus spread.

He regretted that the federal government was acting slowly in the fight against coronavirus despite the fact that the opposition had offered a coordinated response.

The provinces are working individually and receiving very limited assistance from the Centre, said the PPP chairman.