NAB wanted to physically hurt me, says Maryam Nawaz

Says Imran afraid of Nawaz, quitting government: Respect the vote is PML-N’s sole narrative

By: News Desk      Published: 04:56 PM, 11 Aug, 2020
NAB wanted to physically hurt me, says Maryam Nawaz

PML-N Vice-President Maryam Nawaz on Tuesday said it seemed that the NAB had summoned her to cause physical harm to her, as she shared the details of how her vehicle was targeted with stones. 

Addressing a press conference in Lahore at the PML-N secretariat along with senior party leaders hours after her botched appearance at NAB office, Maryam said huge stones were thrown from behind the barricades placed outside the NAB office, causing a crack in the windscreen of her vehicle.

Had she not been in a bulletproof vehicle, she would have received serious injuries, Maryam said while citing the video clip she had earlier shared on Twitter.

The police suddenly resorted to teargassing and pelting stones, she said and added that the government panicked after seeing a huge crowd as they were not expecting such a large gathering. 

It’s perhaps more appropriate for respecting the law that one should not appear before NAB which had been exposed by the higher judiciary and the Human Rights Watch, remarked Maryam.

She was referring to the remarks that the NAB has been formed and used for political victimisation and engineering.

Noting that the PTI government is afraid of Nawaz Sharif, Maryam said he was being discussed in every matter and had become the only priority for the ruling party.

The PTI was afraid of Nawaz and the rising popularity of the PML-N as suggested by the internal surveys conducted by the government, she added. 

Imran Khan was previously fond of entering the power corridors and is now afraid of leaving the government because they know what kind of repression they have committed after coming into power, Maryam noted. Staying in government is the only protection they could have, she added.

Answering various questions, she said “Vote ko Izzat Do” (respect the vote) was the only narrative the PML-N had and every leader of the party was following that. The country wouldn’t have to face the current problems if the vote had received the respect it deserved, Maryam added.

“It is difficult for me to remain silent,” Maryam remarked and said the silence on the part of Nawaz and her was hurting them even more.

At the press conference, Maryam also shared the notice sent by NAB in which there is no mention of land grabbing as suggested through media reports which, she said, were planted. All it asked was to submit the details of income source and other relevant record, she said while showing the notice to the media persons.

“It isn’t the first case I am facing. It is the third,” she said and added that there was no need for filing more if the first or the second were strong.

About her arrest in 2018, Maryam said it was because of the huge rallies she was holding at that time. One can now understand the reason behind the arrest before the 2018 general elections, she remarked. 

Responding to a question, Maryam said Nawaz was silent but he had executed his share of the role for developing the country and formulating a political narrative while making unmatched sacrifices. The three-time prime minister who did everything to make the country stronger had been humiliated and insulted repeatedly despite his service, she told the journalists while explaining the reason behind the current political approach.

She thanked the party workers and supporters as well as her security detail for facing the police crackdown with bravery and said the party would do everything for the injured and the arrested persons.

Citing the failures on domestic and foreign policy fronts, she said the PTI government had alienated Pakistan’s friends like Saudi Arabia, the OIC and others.