Govt plans to double farmers' income: PM Imran Khan

By: News Desk      Published: 06:31 PM, 11 Aug, 2021
Govt plans to double farmers' income: PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that his government had stabilised the country’s economy during the first two years, reported 24News HD TV channel on Wednesday.  

Addressing Kisan Convention during his day-long visit to Bahawalpur, the PM said that the country’s economy was getting better now. To his critics, Khan asked if the country’s economy had been ruined then how the country witnessed a record sale of motor cars and motorbikes during the ongoing year. 

While highlighting that Pakistan is currently unable to fulfill its food needs and is importing 4 million tonnes of wheat, he said the import of eatables had risen during the ongoing year. He said they would give a subsidy to the farmers. The PM said that there were 8.4 million farmers in the country and he wanted to double their income through various initiatives. He said they would be helping farmers with technology and money to improve the yield.

The PM termed farmers as the country’s real asset while differentiating between them and feudal lords. He said that the PTI government’s efforts had provided an opportunity to the farmers to earn Rs1100 billion more. He said that the farmers were not getting their due amount and the influential were able to earn more by depriving the farmers of their due share.  

Khan said his government planned to double the income of the farmers which would also help in improving cultivation in the country as with more harvest, the prices of the commodities would be lowered

The PM said Pakistan was blessed with different seasons and could cultivate anything owing to its fertile land. 

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