Imran has deprived Malakand people of due share in CPEC, says Bilawal

By: News Desk      Published: 10:49 PM, 11 Jan, 2021
Imran has deprived Malakand people of due share in CPEC, says Bilawal
PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto says the public show of strength at the PDM rally proved their support to ‘Go Niazi Go’ slogan.–TV grab  

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto has reiterated the resolve to oust the puppet government and continue with the ongoing struggle to enforce democracy across the county.

“Imran Khan has been trying to rob the people of Pakistan of their just right as he has deprived the people of Malakand of their due share in CPEC,” the PPP chairperson said while addressing a public gathering in Malakand on Monday. A good number of locals turned up at the PDM public rally what Bilawal called a proof of their support to ‘Go Niazi Go’ slogan.

He recalled the role of the locals for the cause of democracy, saying: “The people of Malakand have a history of sacrifices and they never bowed to puppet regimes.” 

He listed the PPP endeavours for raising voice for public rights and condemned the regime for its rhetoric, saying: “The PPP workers laid their lives for the supremacy of democracy. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto put an end to FCRs from Malakand. Coward Imran was afraid of even telling the names of terrorists and was dancing at Abpara Chowk when the APS tragedy took place in Peshawar.”

The PPP chairperson said Imran Khan called the relatives of Hazara martyrs ‘blackmailers’ at a time when they were mourning the deaths of their nears and dears who have fallen prey to the terrorism. Bilawal Bhutto stressed that the ‘powerful’ would continue feeling ashamed until they don’t arrest the terrorists. He added the puppet premier talked about justice but his government has not so far helped even one of the victims get justice.

The opposition party leader lashed out at the current government for, what he termed, letting inflation go rampant, saying: “The regime has made living too pricy in Pakistan. Incompetent government has ruined the economy. 

“Flour, sugar, gas and electricity are becoming out of reach of the common persons. Pakistan has more inflation than Afghanistan and Bangladesh and the selected government has no idea of running the state affairs. 

“The nation has been facing the worst kind of inflation while poverty has been on the prowl. Transparency has declared the current regime the most corrupt.  Imran Khan promised 10 million jobs but he left 10 million jobless.”

Bilawal Bhutto bemoaned neither the media nor the state is free under the rule of this puppet regime. However, he reiterated his part resolve to continue the struggle for the supremacy of democracy for what he called only way to bring in betterment.