Zarnish Khan goes out of control with ‘Suraiyya jaan legi kya’

By: News Desk      Published: 12:12 PM, 11 Jul, 2021
Zarnish Khan goes out of control with ‘Suraiyya jaan legi kya’

It seems that Pakistani television actress Zarnish Khan couldn’t control her intense urge to sing along the lines of Indian song ‘Suraiyya jaan legi kya’ while her makeup artist had to tolerate the actress losing control with ‘practiced’ patience.

Zarnish Khan has taken to her social media platform and shared a ‘behind-the-scene’ video.

While watching the video clip we couldn’t help but sympathize with Zarnish’s ‘makeup girl’ and also be impressed with her portrayal of immense patience while the television actress loses control.

Zarnish captioned her post, "The challenges my makeup girl has to go through! Lol...Happy days stories.”

During a makeup session in which Miss Khan is getting all glammed up, suddenly Katrina Kaif’s song ‘Suraiyya jaan legi kya’ comes up and Zarnish starts singing/dancing to the song while uttering ‘I love this part.’

However as Zarnish keeps disturbing the makeup session and starts moving to the rhythm of the song, we can’t help but feel that this is a common occurrence at the set of shoots.

Not making a big deal out of it, but isn’t it rude to keep disturbing someone while they are concentrating on getting a task done just right?

I mean we understand Zarnish’s urges as she might be a fan of the song however she could have respected the fact that someone is trying to concentrate on making her look presentable.

However, we aren’t complaining!