Pakistan’s beauty has my heart, says German traveller Betzmann

By: Faizan Javed      Published: 01:16 PM, 11 Nov, 2020
Pakistan’s beauty has my heart, says German traveller Betzmann

As a citizen of Pakistan, we praise the beauty our nation reeks of and the welcoming nature we possess. We’re not blowing our own trumpet, this is just something we’ve been hearing from the kind visitors who shared their experience with us.

This time around we have the famous, German travel v-logger Christian Betzmann who we got hold of to find out what pulled him to pay a visit and what he means by “Pakistan has my heart”. There are lots to hear, so let’s hear it out!

In a conversation, he said, “Pakistan has proven itself in all ways and defied all odds and myths that are usually spread around like a game of Chinese whisper.” (For those of you who don’t know, it is a group of people whispering out a word to the other person in the group as per their hearing, ultimately distorting the actual word/phrase itself). We got triggered so we asked him to elaborate on his statement and he said, “There is no such thing as language barrier because locals in the Northern Areas can speak basic English for a foreigner to move around and omg the hospitality and humbleness remains unmatched in comparison to the rest of the Asian countries I have visited….that being almost 40 countries if I may add.”

He then spoke about the tourism domain and told us how Pakistan has so much to offer from one of the highest mountain ranges where people from across the world come to visit and hike to insane heights.

Not just that, there’s not one spot that doesn’t make your jaw drop. “I mean, I can only capture enough on film, it is actually best understood upon paying a visit that does justice to the sheer beauty this country has to offer with safety and a welcoming nature from the people.”

He further spoke about how Pakistan is listing in the top three as far as his visits go and he has made a whole lot of friends here and feels right at home. We’re overjoyed to hear all these great things that make us realize and appreciate what we have at our disposal. Here’s to hoping tourism gets it due break and we change the game soon!

Faizan Javed

Faizan Javed is Lifestyle Editor at 24 News (Digital).