Nadia Jamil, Shehzad Roy call out media to raise awareness on child abuse 

By: News Desk      Published: 10:58 AM, 12 Aug, 2020
Nadia Jamil, Shehzad Roy call out media to raise awareness on child abuse 

Veteran actress Nadia Jamil and singer Shehzad Roy have raised their voices to protect innocent children against insane brutality they face at the hands of adults and called out the media to raise awareness on this issue. 

Taking to Twitter, Shehzad Roy shared a video clip and wrote: “I have stopped sharing such video but today I am only sharing it so somebody can identify the place, person and institution so we can stop this right away and save our innocent children. I have muted the sound. Please help.”

Responding to Shehzad Roy’s post, Nadia Jamil said: “This has been going on for years. All over Pakistan. This culprit is now behind bars but we really need the media to start spreading awareness so this can stop.”

In another tweet, Nadia said: “I don't understand our media at all. Sexual abuse is not breaking news or a short story to be told and forgotten. It’s a disease caused by warped mindsets. It can become a culture. Our media needs to make sexual abuse part of its daily narrative. It’s a war! Let's fight it together.”

In Pakistan, for the past couple of years, the news of child abuse has become a new social norm. 

The child molestation videos from Kasur to the heinous crime against Zainab made headlines. 

It is the first time that people on streets, social media and members of the National Assembly are openly discussing punishment for a child abuse perpetrator.