India fails to send earth-monitoring satellite into space

By: News Desk      Published: 04:25 PM, 12 Aug, 2021
India fails to send earth-monitoring satellite into space
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An Indian space agency mission failed in its attempt to put a satellite into orbit to provide real-time images used for weather monitoring and other potential natural disasters.

According to Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GLSV) rocket and earth observation satellite crashed to earth after the third stage failure.  

The ISRO said the cryogenic upper stage did not ignite due to a “technical anomaly.”

“The mission couldn’t be accomplished as intended,” ISRO said in a statement.

In a statement ISRO said "Performance of first and second stages was normal. However, Cryogenic Upper Stage ignition did not happen due to technical anomaly. The mission couldn't be accomplished as intended,”

The GLSV was carrying an earth observation satellite, which has the capacity to monitor natural disasters such as thunderstorms, cloudbursts, and cyclones.

The satellite lost was fitted with a large telescope to monitor weather conditions on the Indian subcontinent from a geostationary orbit more than 22,000 miles (nearly 36,000 kilometers) over the equator.

This was the 14th launch of the GSLV rocket and its fourth failure, according to Indian media. The last time a mission involving the rocket failed was in 2010.