Military courts be set up to try hoarders, profiteers, adulterators

Time for religious leaders to probe why their sermons fall on deaf ears  

By: Ashraf Mumtaz      Published: 01:03 PM, 12 Oct, 2020
Military courts be set up to try hoarders, profiteers, adulterators

Prices of almost all essential items have gone beyond the reach of the common man after which they are cursing the champions of ‘change’ in power for the past couple of years.

Hoarding, profiteering, adulteration and under-weighing by those who have insatiable greed for money have added to the miseries of the low-income groups, who constitute the majority of the 220 million population.

Though the government, after slumbering for two years, has started a drive to bring down prices, the results and effectiveness of the campaign would be clear after some time.

The question is why these problems in a country that had been achieved in the name of Islam, and where there are over 3.5 million mosques in every nook and corner and tens of millions offer prayers five times a day.

Mosques are overcrowded on Fridays as people are well aware of the rewards of prayers offered on what is regarded as the leader of all days.

The prevalence of the above-mentioned problems despite Khateebs’ sermons highlighting the stern punishments provided in Islam means these sermons are not having their due impact and the audience turn deaf ears to whatever comes from the pulpit.

Crime graph is also going up and such serious crimes are being committed – and at such a large scale – that makes the true Muslims hang their heads in shame.

This situation is against the values and identity of the Islamic republic.

This manifests the failure of the religious parties of all schools of thought- whose primary objective is to enforce the Islamic system.

But, unfortunately, the religious parties have involved themselves so deeply in politics and made the power their real destination because of which they have forgotten the actual role they are committed to performing.

Had the religious scholars effectively warned people that making money through corrupt practices amounts of filling bellies with fire, no one would have even thought of indulging in such practices. They should give serious thought to the factors that have made their sermons ineffective

The government should devise a strategy to take the mosques along. With these centres playing an effective role, most of these problems being faced by society would disappear within no time.

The involvement of the Tiger Force in controlling prices will not be much helpful. There is a strong possibility of the ‘tigers’ involving themselves in corrupt practices, leaving the helpless people to the mercy of the profiteers, hoarders.

The government machinery across the country should be utilized properly as it is capable of grappling with the problems.  

Another step that can be helpful in the prevailing situation is the establishment of military courts where cases against hoarders, profiteers, adulterators should be decided within the given timelines.  To prevent greedy people’s indulgence in such crimes they should be declared nonbailable.

This arrangement will certainly bring quick results. By doing this the government will win people’s hearts and the buyers will get quality products at set rates.

Another step the government should take without delay is carrying out punishments already awarded by various courts.

A large number of people were awarded capital punishment by courts on account of their involvement in various crimes. But they have not been taken to the gallows because the government fears a strong reaction from the west.

This should not be a consideration at all.

It is a fact that many people commit crimes because they know they will not be punished. And when even capital punishment has ceased to be a deterrent nothing can dissuade from indulging in lawlessness in future.

All the condemned prisoners should be hanged in public for the sake of deterrence.

The government will also be taking the right step by holding the police responsible for hoarding, profiteering and other crimes in their jurisdictions.

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