Twitteratis grill Shaniera Akram for her take on motorway tragedy

By: News Desk      Published: 02:19 PM, 13 Sep, 2020
Twitteratis grill Shaniera Akram for her take on motorway tragedy

Shaniera Akram, wife of cricket legend Wasim Akram, while commenting on the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway gang-rape incident, opposed the public hanging of culprits involved and said violence doesn’t solve violence. Many users of social networking website Twitter criticized Shaniera Akram’s viewpoint.

In a tweet she said, “Public Hanging is not the way forward. If we want a safe civilised society & the world’s respect we can’t live in the dark ages. We need to work harder as a nation, fight harder as a people and demand better protection for our woman and children.”

She used hashtag #ViolenceDoesntSolveViolence in her tweet.

In another tweet trying to clear her point of view, she said, “I know we are all angry, but we are not barbarians! If we really want to change as a nation we need to change our mindset. We need to work harder, think smarter & stop at nothing till every rapist & sexual offender is behind bars. We need to clean up our country for good.”

One social media user Bella Dawood said, “I disagree, I believe these Islamic punishments are in Quran for a reason, these are there to put the fear of crime in people’s hearts and to tame them to follow the rules of civilised society. Education too is a must as well to ensure kids from a young age are aware of what’s right.”

Another Twitter user Aisha Mansoor said, “I disagree Shaniera, and public hanging is the only way to stop rapes. You expect these animals to have a little bit of shame or decency, they wouldn't have raped a mother. I'm also very liberal and promote civil society but public hanging is the only solution or asks the victims.”

Farzin Sheikh @farzinsheikh said, “This guy and the rapist was behind bars on rape charges earlier, but was released along with earlier accomplices. So putting behind bars is no solution. Exemplary punishment for savagery committed is not barbarianism. It's to warn other offenders and is allowed in religion.”