A promising number of coronavirus patients recovers in Pakistan

By: Maqbool Ahmad      Published: 02:47 AM, 14 Apr, 2020
A promising number of coronavirus patients recovers in Pakistan
A healthcare worker scans a man for coronavirus at a railway station in Pakistan.–File photo

The number of patients recovering from coronavirus in Pakistan increased to 1,370 on Monday, with Punjab taking the lead with 508 recoveries.

As the number of total confirmed cases rose to 2,826 in Punjab and 5,707 in Pakistan on Monday evening, the percentage of people who have recovered from the virus in Punjab is around 18 percent. The number of recovered patients in Sindh is 419 out of 1,452, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 153 out of 800, Balochistan 123 out of 231, Gilgit-Baltistan 149 out 224, Federal Capital 15 of 131 and Azad Kashmir 02 out of 43.

Pakistan has seen a steady increase in the number of coronavirus patients since February 26 when the first case was reported in Karachi. As most parts of the country have been under a partial or complete lockdown over the last few weeks, the federal and provincial governments remained undecided until Monday about extension in the lockdown.

As some people vigorously called for extension in the lockdown for another couple of weeks, others said it would hit the poor very hard and destroy the national economy.

The total number of deaths in Pakistan as of April 13 stood at 96.