Coronavirus is a test from Allah, says Shujaat

By: News Desk      Published: 07:01 PM, 14 Apr, 2020
Coronavirus is a test from Allah, says Shujaat

PML-Quaid President and former Prime Minister Ch Shujat Hussain has said that rumours are being spread about coronavirus in Pakistan although the fact is that five big countries are 80 percent infected by the pandemic which include USA, England, France, Italy and Spain, other European countries are affected 10 percent and remaining 10 percent is rest of the world.

Suggesting, Shujaat Hussain said that these five countries should concentrate on themselves instead of others and change the manner and standard of running so far as to who possesses how much arms and missiles, they should now believe in this that these worldly things cannot save them.

In a statement issued in Lahore on Tuesday, he said that these five big countries should restore their welfare status and stop moving in the direction they have been moving, the massive wealth which they spend on their defence system, spend this on health sector then most of the problems would be solved, standard of weighing of wealth and power has changed in the world.

Shujaat said instead of using word "fighting" with corona, it will be much wiser to use the words safeguard self and others (bachna aur doosroon ko bachana), this is a test from Almighty Allah, in it all should seek maximum forgiveness (Astaghfaar) and pinpoint the needy and deserving people in their respective areas and help them to the maximum extent possible.