Prices of pulses shoot up 50pc despite tax relief

By: INP      Published: 12:51 PM, 14 Apr, 2020
Prices of pulses shoot up 50pc despite tax relief

 Despite exemption in duties and taxes on the import of essential food commodities, the prices of pulses have sharply increased from 30 percent to 50 percent due to the short supply amid the lockdown in the country.

As per details, the prices of essential food items, especially pulses have increased by up to 50 percent in the wholesale market in Karachi.

Split Bengal gram (channa) price was raised by Rs35/kg to Rs175/kg from Rs130. Green gram washed (moong) price increased to Rs290 from Rs260.

The rate of split red lentil (masoor) increased by 50 percent to Rs180 from Rs130/kg in the wholesale market. The price of split-washed black gram (maash) rose by Rs35/kg to Rs250. It was sold at Rs215 before the lockdown.

Similarly, the sugar is being sold at Rs78 per kg in the wholesale market, while at Rs85 per kg in retail.

It must be noted that Prime Minister Imran Khan last week announced a multi-billion-rupee package involving relief for labour and underprivileged class, business community and industries and farmers amid shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The prime minister earmarked Rs200 billion for labour class and announced Rs150 billion package for poor segments of the society under which each household would be given Rs3,000 for the next four months. “We are also expanding the sphere of shelter homes and are also setting aside Rs50 billion for utility store to provide them basic commodity items on lower prices,” Imran Khan said.

The prime minister also announced to lower the fuel prices in the country by Rs15 per litre other than relief in payments of utility bills that could now be paid in three-month instalments.