Mashal Khan goes emotional while wishing Independence Day to fans

By: News Desk
Published: 05:01 PM, 14 Aug, 2022
Mashal Khan goes emotional while wishing Independence Day to fans
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14th August is the day of Pakistan’s independence as we all know it. The sacrifices given by our ancestors for this nation are limitless and huge. Pakistani drama star Mashal Khan pays tribute to the great leaders who sacrificed their lives for this Motherland. 

Suno Chanda star shares her very patriotic thoughts with her fans on her Instagram handle. She says that 75 years ago today, our very beloved homeland was named Pakistan. She asks us all to join hands and pray for all the elevated souls that spent their whole lives fighting to get a piece of land, they named Pakistan; and to remember every single one of the people who gave everything they had even their lives just to turn an ideology, a dream into a whole nation that we are freely living in today. It was never about the piece of land or the name, but the ideology on whose basis we got a separate nation. We needed to have our own identity which was worlds apart from “Indians” or “Hindustani”. 

Parizaad star beautified her post even more by adding photos of the greatest leaders ever seen in the history of nations like Quaid-e-Azam, Honorable Fatimah Jinnah, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, and Liaquat Ali Khan.

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She further added to her beautiful message that we should try to be better Pakistanis every day and try to give our nation the honor and respect it deserves from us. We should act as a nation, stay united like our leader told us to, fight less and love each other more, run less and learn more and not hate but protect each other. 

“75 years ago today, yeh mitti jo hummein itni pyari hai, isse Pakistan ka naam diya gaya. On this day let us pray for all of the souls who dedicated their lives to giving this land the name, “Pakistan”. Let us remember every person who gave everything they had to turn what was once just an ideology, into an entire nation with its own name, “Pakistan”. Let us try to be better Pakistani’s every day. Let us remember that without this land, we are nothing; and so let us try to give it the respect it so deserves from us. I hope that as a nation, we can fight less and love more, run less and learn more, hate less, and protect more. Jashn-E-Azaadi Mubarak. Hamesha hamesha, Pakistan Zindabad”.