Is Hareem's husband SICK of tiktoker wife capturing constant social media updates? 

By: Iqra Ejaz
Published: 11:24 AM, 14 Feb, 2022
Is Hareem's husband SICK of tiktoker wife capturing constant social media updates? 
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Apparently social media couple Hareem Shah and Bilal Shah have now landed in Turkey. Seems like the star duo are quite devoted when it comes to travelling together however in one of the latest updates shared by the celebrated Tiktoker, her sweetheart seems quite occupied with his own activities making us wonder whether he is finally sick of the Hareem’s constant need to capture social media content?

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One thing has to be taken into consideration here: Hareem Shah is only recognized through the content she shares on her social media handles. The TikToker gathered massive fame through posting controversial videos/pictures on her internet accounts therefore it has to be acknowledged that capturing material for social media might be one of the greatest necessities that the renowned TikTok personality’s life revolves around.

Even though Hareem Shah’s husband Bilal Shah is mostly seen accompanying the social media star in her attempt to captivate her fan following by filming engrossing content however lately or more appropriately in one of the latest Instagram updates posted by Hareem, Bilal seems completely occupied by his activities and Hareem has to forcefully grab the man to make him come in the video.

In many videos, we have seen this particular pattern. Bilal Shah would be completely engrossed in whatever he is deeming worthy of his attention and Hareem has to drag her spouse into her videos, basically, ‘force’ him to make an appearance otherwise how would Hareem’s posts end up being exceptionally marvellous, right?

Suddenly this has got us thinking about whether Hareem Shah’s husband is SICK of capturing constant social media updates? Well, we hope not! 

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