Supermodel terms her video of harsh talks with maid as baseless

By: News Desk      Published: 09:18 PM, 14 Jul, 2021
Supermodel terms her video of harsh talks with maid as baseless

Supermodel and actress Nadia Hussain Wednesday termed the video of the alleged housemaid being treated by her harshly as baseless and out of context.

Nadia’s video went viral on social media in which she was showing a lot of anger on an employee, after which social media users criticized her.

According to 24NewsHD TV channel, the supermodel declared such a scene of her harsh talk to the girl an advertising campaign.

But now a video of a girl named Rani was shared by Hello magazine in which she (Rani) confessed that it was her fault as she was on her phone and not caring about the potential danger of fluctuation of electricity.

Rani (self-claimed servant of the supermodel) further claimed that Nadia Hussain treated her like a sister and she couldn’t call her wrong.

Anyhow Nadia Hussain has now cleared in her social media messages that Rani is not her maid and never was in the past. But she confessed that she couldn’t think of scolding her staff on their inattentiveness.

Some days ago, a clip featuring the television actress shouting savagely at her ‘house-help’ has gone viral over the internet.

If you observe the clip keenly, it seems like someone was in the mood for ‘revenge’ and shot the video from an angle from where the actress couldn’t see.

Nadia starts unleashing her wrath with, “Kya samajh nahi ati tumhein? Jab bhi bijli jhatke mare tou tum peeche se main switch off karogi. Kyoun nahi tumhe yaad rehta hai.”

So apparently, the model’s precious machine stopped functioning due to sudden electricity fluctuations.

She further mentioned, “Mahine mein doosri dafa yeh machine jali hai”

However Nadia has directed her maid to always switch off the main switch when this happens.

“Bijli ka bill alag. Kaun bhare ga bill?”

But due to the ‘naukrani’ constant mobile usage, she didn’t remember to switch off the plug and the machine experienced its impending doom.

“Tumhari waja se hua hai yeh, sirf is musibat phone ki waja se”

Nadia concludes her madwoman speech with, “Dafa hojao yahan se, ab tum iska bill bharo gi.”

During the clip, the model looks extremely angry while she shouts at the maid and informs her that now the bill will be paid by her because it is entirely her fault that the machine has stopped working.

While unleashing her ferocious temper we think Nadia didn’t know that she was being filmed and now clip has managed to attract massive attention.

Why? Because this is a much highlighted the topic of conversation in Pakistan as masters of the house get accused of treating the house-help poorly and we have just witnessed the model doing just that which has provoked intense bewilderment.