PPP leaders shouldn’t walk into trap of US woman

Published: 04:48 PM, 14 Jun, 2020
PPP leaders shouldn’t walk into trap of US woman
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Cynthia Dawn Ritchie, a US woman, is being given unnecessary coverage by Pakistani media at the cost of other pressing national and international issues.

She has levelled slanderous allegations against important leaders of the Pakistan People’s Party, which have been vehemently denied by them. Her nonsensical utterances are providing enough munition to Indian media to cast aspersions on Pakistani politicians.

Some PPP leaders have even sent Cynthia Ritchie legal notices seeking millions in damages for levelling baseless allegations against them. The leaders who have been “targeted” by the woman working on some unknown agenda of unknown elements include Rehman Malik, former interior minister; Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani, former prime minister; and Makhdoom Shehabuddin, former federal minister in the PPP government.

The PPP leaders are, apparently, walking into her trap by sending her damages notices or seeking registration of cases against her. So far, no institution has entertained any petition for registration of any case against her, a development that is causing the leaders more embarrassment.

Every time they send her or receive a notice, newspapers and TV channels carry them as news, adding to the importance of the woman who should have been totally ignored.

Some leaders have sought placing of her name on the exit control list, a step which, if taken, will stop her from leaving the country.

Since the country is facing countless other problems that need fullest attention and concerted efforts by all political parties for their resolution, the media would be doing a great national service by ignoring the utterances of the US woman.

She is tarnishing the image of the country and the media should not play into her hands. Those in position of authority should, instead of placing her name on the ECL, immediately deport her.

As for the veracity of her allegations, Allah knows best.

There is a saying of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which means that if a person repents (goes for Tauba) after committing a sin, it is as if he did not commit it at all.

Tauba can be sought any time, no matter what the gravity or frequency of sins. One can seek Tauba even after breaching it multiple times.

Nobody knows whether the allegations levelled by Cynthia are true or pack of lies aimed at defaming her “targets” and bringing herself into prominence. Also, it is between the individuals and Allah whether the former had gone for Tauba even if they had committed the alleged sin.

The media should play a constructive role and make not the country a butt of jokes in the external world by projecting Cynthia’s slanderous allegations, levelled after several years of silence, for her own motives.

We should not forget the difference between the Islamic culture and the one Cynthia comes from.

For Cynthia media coverage is the biggest success.

For her it is a matter of great satisfaction that her allegations are being discussed at various fora and she is being approached by important media persons to get more details of her utterances. Her interaction with various people on the subject and her experience of Pakistani system may provide her enough material for a book, which may be a good source of income for her in future.

For her it won’t make any difference who uses what adjectives for her. She needs publicity and money – at any cost.

But Pakistan’s political leaders will be downgrading themselves by responding to her utterances or taking measures that help her achieve her objectives.

Another factor that must be kept in mind by the “targeted” PPP leaders is that whatever is published, broadcast or telecast by the media will be closely monitored by the younger generation. And aspersions on senior leaders by a woman who has no credibility will not leave a good image of them on their minds.

Ashraf Mumtaz

The writer is the Deputy Editor of 24 Digital.