Backdoor lobbying: PM bars PTI leaders from statements against Jahangir Tareen

By: News Desk      Published: 03:15 PM, 15 Apr, 2021
Backdoor lobbying: PM bars PTI leaders from statements against Jahangir Tareen

Prime Minister Imran Khan has stopped the party leader for giving statements against the Jahangir Tareen after some backdoor lobbying intensified for reconciliations between Tareen and premier, reported 24NewsHD TV channel quoting its sources.

The close circles of the Prime Minister have intensified reconciliation efforts with Jahangir Tareen.

The TV channel reported that Tareen may get relief in the form of bail. However, he will continue his defense in the court of law.

Sources claimed a like-minded group (Jahangir Tareen sympathizers) could also meet with the Prime Minister in the coming days to raise the matter.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he is ready to listen to the reservations of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf's like-minded group of 20 to 30 party MNAs and MPAs who have become active since investigations were opened against PTI leader Jahangir Tareen over the sugar crisis.

The prime minister was responding to a question about the reservations expressed by this group. It is said that they had even reportedly requested a meeting with him.

“I am ready to listen to everyone, but people should understand why all of this happened. The price of sugar increased by Rs26 in just over a year,” said Imran Khan. “And as a result of this, around Rs 120 billion to Rs130 billion have gone from the people’s pockets to the sugar mill owners.  Obviously, it is the government’s job to safeguard the public interest.”

The prime minister said that the government ordered the FIA to conduct an inquiry which revealed how sugar mill owners have formed a cartel and manipulated prices. “They don’t pay taxes, undeclared sugar, it’s all in the FIA report.”

“If anyone has any reservations, we can look into it. But it can’t be that we don’t ensure the supremacy of law,” he said.

Reporter: Awais Kiani